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Buckeye Honda Going Greener

igo_green_by_digitalphenomBuckeye Honda has been doing business in Lancaster, OH since 1984 and we understand how important we are to the local community.  We also understand that the larger community is as important as the local community and we want to do everything we can to help preserve the environment.  Following American Honda’s lead on becoming a more environmentally conscious company we are making a huge change in how we take care of a few things around the dealership.

goats2In recent years we have announced an extensive recycling plan, our own waste oil burners that keep oil out of landfills and produce clean and efficient heat source for the dealership, and a number of other processes and procedures to do our part to help the environment.  Today Buckeye wants to announce out Largest Green Effort Ever… GOATS!  Yes goats!  We  plan to use goats this year to handle all landscape management projects. If this is a success we plan to spread this initiative to our other locations in Lancaster (Buckeye Toyota) and Columbus (Buckeye Nissan) with the possibility of renting them to others in the area.goats

Goats are eco-friendly, they eat unwanted plants and invasive weeds and they are super cute.  Buckeye will start building the goat operation on the same property that houses the Honda dealership. “We already have the land and it only makes sense that we build the barn on the property.  Before all of the other businesses came to this area we were located goat3in the middle of a farm field and we were able to retain our commercial agriculture zoning from the township and the state.  This means we will be able to have the goats, and any other animals we need and the best part is we don’t have to put up additional fencing.  Since the zoning was in place before the other businesses came in we are grandfathered in with open grazing.  It might be a little difficult for people driving through the lot or even trying to get to Walmart but in the end our grass will be shorter and goats are cute” says Scott Thomas,  General Manager for Buckeye Honda

Buckeye does have an opening for 1 full time goat herder and 1 part time assistant.  Applications can be sent through our website at  Experience is necessary.