Jan Is Back In The Drive!

BUckeye Honda ServiceToday on Team Member Monday we are talking about one of our absolute favorite Buckeye Honda Associates, Jan Hawthorn.  To know Jan is to love her, she is truly one of the “Good Guys (Gals)”.

So before we get started you might be asking yourself… didn’t I just talk to Jan on the phone when I was setting my last service appointment?  Didn’t I see her when I was there a month or two ago?  So did she leave and come back or am I confused? …. Well you are not confused, Jan didn’t leave Buckeye Honda just changed roles for a little while.  You see Jan is the consummate professional and always a team player so when we needed someone to fill in on the service drive Jan was there to take care of business.

Some of you might remember that Jan was originally one of our service advisers, checking in clients, listening to concerns and helping10734717086_8303b870ba_m make sure your vehicle was well taken care of.  She was so great at what she did that when we needed someone with loads of knowledge and a super friendly voice to help people over the phone, Jan was the perfect choice.

Jan, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, resides in Thornville with her daughter Lindsay, husband Jeff and their two Corgi’s – George and Riley!  In her free time Jan enjoys relaxing, spending time with her family and friends and reading.  One of Jan’s favorite books is Customers for Life… and she brings this philosophy with her to work everyday.  Jan will do her best to give you top-notch service and attention with a warm and welcoming attitude personality… CAUTION… You might just want to be one of her “Customers For Life”!

8656810596_219df647de_mOne of Jan’s other enjoyments is traveling and her favorite “out of this world” destination was Belize.  Jan is a Breast Cancer Survivor since 2009 and when going through her treatment, she found a picture that she would imagine being at when things were tough…. this place was Belize.  Through some extraordinary events, Jan got the opportunity to visit her “special spot” and has been in love with it ever since.

Jan would love to have you bring your vehicle into Buckeye Honda and promises to give you the genuine customer service that Buckeye Honda and Jan Hawthorn are known for.   The service department is open Monday through Saturday with extended hours (7pm) Monday – Friday to serve you better.  You can make a service appointment using the online service tool or call toll-free at 1-866-822-7485.


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