Texting while driving has become a very serious problem and needs everyone’s attention.   At Buckeye Honda and Toyota we love our clients and we love seeing them come into the dealership for service, sales or even to just say Hello!  We are hearing stories almost every day about an accident or near accident from our clients and associates caused by distracted driving.  You wouldn’t believe what some of our delivery vendors, parts drivers and porters have seen in their daily travels.

There is no message so important that you have to read it or respond to it… IT CAN WAIT.  There is no Facebook status so important or a meme so funny that it can’t wait… IT CAN WAIT.  At Buckeye we urge you to pledge not to text and drive.  If not for yourself how about that van with a family headed in the other direction that you won’t see because you were looking at your phone.  IT CAN WAIT.


If you are in a vehicle with a driver that can’t wait you are responsible to tell them to stop.  This can be hard to do, but would it be easier to do than having to look at a parent that lost a child because you didn’t?  Here’s some scary statistic:

  • If you text and drive, you’re 23 times more likely to have a car crash.
  • Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field.textdrive-sign1
  • 11% of all drivers under 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted.
  • According to the Harris Poll, 49% of drivers with cell phones under the age of 35 send or read text messages while driving.
  • 60% of drivers use cell phones while driving.
  • 57% of drivers rate themselves as better than the average driver.
  • 42% of young adult drivers are very/somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving.
  • 68% of teens and young adults disagreed that it is easy to text while driving and still pay attention to the road.
  • 49% of adults say they have been passengers in a car when the driver was sending or reading text messages on their cell phone.
  • 36% of teens say they have been involved in a near-crash because of their own or someone else’s distracted driving.
  • 78% of teens and young adults say they have read an SMS message while driving.
  • 71% of teens and young people say they have composed/sent SMS messages while driving.
  • The United States Department of Transportation notes that cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year that cause a half million injuries and take 6,000 lives.
  • A study from the University of Utah indicated that the reaction time of a teen driver using a cell phone is the same as that of a 70-year-old driver who is not using a cell phone
  • According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an auto crash than driving when intoxicated.

There are a number of other statistics that will just astound you but we hope this got the point across.  It Can Wait… it really can.

donttextanddriveTexting while driving has become the number one driving distraction for many people. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers and keep their attention on the road, not on their cell phones or other mobile devices.

Think you can text and drive?  Try it on the it can wait simulator.  It uses your smart phone and a computer screen so you can see how well you can do it.  We didn’t make it past the second text before we were pulled over.  TRY IT HERE!



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