Wheel Alignment from Buckeye Honda

Today we continue our series on Wheel Alignments.  Take a look and then let us know how we can help you understand your vehicle maintance needs better!

A car alignment is actually an elaborate process that brings the car’s suspension into its proper configuration, positioning and adjusting components so that wheels are aligned with one another and the road surface. Buckeye Honda has specifically trained technicians that excel at aligning vehicles.  At Buckeye Honda the alignment is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles!

The alignment machine used at Buckeye Honda  feature clamp-like devices that are attached to the wheels of the car (which is raised up in the air) and that link to a computer that helps make precise measurements. Our trained technicians will also inspect to make sure that no suspension components are excessively worn or broken.

An alignment essentially requires squaring a car’s wheels and axles with each other so that they’re moving in the same direction. Maintaining proper alignment is fundamental to preserving both your car’s safety and its tread life. Wheel alignments ensure that all four wheels are consistent with each other and are optimized for maximum contact with the surface of the road. The way a wheel is oriented on your car is broken down to three major components; camber, caster, and toe.


Camber is the angle of the wheel relative to vertical, as viewed from the front or the rear of the car. If the wheel leans in towards the chassis, it has negative camber; if it leans away from the car, it has positive camber. The cornering force that a tire can develop is highly dependent on its angle relative to the road surface, and so wheel camber has a major effect on the road holding of a car. It’s interesting to note that a tire develops its maximum cornering force at a small negative camber angle, typically around neg. 1/2 degree. This fact is due to the contribution of camber thrust, which is an additional lateral force generated by elastic deformation as the tread rubber pulls through the tire/road interface (the contact patch).

Buckeye Honda will check your alignment for free!  Call 740-653-7678 Today!


Caster is a bit harder to conceptualize.  Caster is the angle to which the steering pivot axis is tilted forward or rearward from vertical, as viewed from the side. If the pivot axis is tilted backward (that is, the top pivot is positioned farther rearward than the bottom pivot), then the caster is positive; if it’s tilted forward, then the caster is negative.

Positive caster tends to straighten the wheel when the vehicle is traveling forward, and thus is used to enhance straight-line stability. The mechanism that causes this tendency is clearly illustrated by the castering front wheels of a shopping cart. The steering axis of a shopping cart wheel is set forward of where the wheel contacts the ground. As the cart is pushed forward, the steering axis pulls the wheel along, and since the wheel drags along the ground, it falls directly in line behind the steering axis. The force that causes the wheel to follow the steering axis is proportional to the distance between the steering axis and the wheel-to-ground contact patch-the greater the distance, the greater the force. This distance is referred to as “trail.”  Next time you are out shopping take a look at a shopping carts front wheels and you will see what we mean.

Buckeye Honda Offers a 4-wheel alignment for only $79.95 including a 12mo-12,000 warranty!  

Toe toe3

Toe is perhaps the easiest of the three to visualize.  For minimum tire wear and power loss, the wheels on a given axle of a car should point directly ahead when the car is running in a straight line we call this “zero toe”.  If the tires were pointing away from each other we would call that “tow-out” and if the tires were pointing toward each other we would call that “tow-in”.

To better understand Toe, stand up and put your feet straight out.  Now point your left foot slightly left and your right foot slightly right and now try to walk.  You can tell that your shoes will wear out a bit more on the outsides and you probably can’t run as fast.  Now do it with your feet facing slightly inward.  Again harder to walk or run and you can feel that there would be irregular wear on your shoes.  This is what happens to your tires.


Every auto manufacturer has specific alignment specs for each car they build.  What might be the proper alignment for a 2012 Honda Civic might be different than what should be done on a 2009 Toyota Camry.  Buckeye Honda has all of the specs for every vehicle not to mention the technology and know-how to properly align any vehicle.  Not sure if you need an alignment? Call us today to set up a free alignment inspection.  If you do need an alignment we will warranty the work for One Full Year, even if you hit a pot hole or debris.  We are here to help you take care of your vehicle.

Call the Award Winning Buckeye Honda Service Department Today at 740-653-7678 to set up your alignment!  Your tires and wallet will thank you!



Foodie Friday – Grilled Stuffed Pork Loin!

foodiefridaylogo2It’s Friday so you know it is time to get cooking!

With the Fourth of July approaching quickly why not get away from the hot dogs and hamburgers and take your grill to another level.  Now don’t get me wrong I love a great hot dog or a juicy burger but you can get those at any cookout.  Let’s be better than average and use our grills to create something fantastic.

What you will need.

2 lb boneless pork loin (These are typically listed as center cut pork loin roast)loin

4 slices of swiss cheese (about 4 ounces) (You can substitute mozzarella or provolone if you prefer)

4 slices of prosciutto (You can also use deli ham – yes it is different but both are good)

1/2 cup of fresh spinach chopped (optional)

2 tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes (optional)

Salt and Pepper or your favorite BBQ Rub (we used a commercial rub, Chef won’t give out his secret rub recipe yet!)

Assembly Directions

Place the tenderloin on a cutting surface and with a knife slice the loin about 1/3 of the way from the bottom all along the edge, do not go all of the way through.

Now open up the loin and continue to cut the loin along the bottom once more.

With your pork loin laid out in front of you sprinkle it with salt and pepper or with your favorite BBQ rub

Now place the cheese down on the pork loin

Layer in the prosciutto

Top that with your spinach and sun-dried tomatoes (if using)

Next roll up the pork loin and secure it with a metal skewer or toothpicks.  You can also use butchers/kitchen twine and tie up the loin.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper or your favorite BBQ rub.


Cooking Directions

  • Light your grill for indirect cooking. If you are using charcoal build your fire on one side of the grill and leave half of it without coals underneath, if you are using a gas grill light all of the burners and before you put the meat on turn off half of them.
  • Place the meat on the side of the grill without the coals or over the unlit burner.
  • Smile!
  • Now if your grill has a thermometer the ideal cooking temp would be about 285-300 degrees.  The pork loin is going to cook for about 15 to 20 minutes per pound.  DO NOT TRUST COOKING TIMES ON THE INTERNET, EVEN THIS ONE.  Each loin and each grill is different, pick up a meat thermometer and use it.
  • Pull the pork loin off of the grill once the internal temperature reaches about 145-150 degrees, put it on a platter or plate and let it rest for 10 minutes.  The resting will allow the internal temp to come up to about 150-155 degrees and allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. For more information about cooking temperatures and cooking guidelines check out this handy chart provided by the  Pork Board.
  • Now slice that pork loin up and enjoy it.
  • We hope you have enjoyed today’s Foodie Friday recipe.  If you get a chance to take rise above the normal burgers and hot dogs with this recipe or any of our great recipes send us a message on twitter @buckeyehonda, leave us a message on Facebook or leave us a comment below!  Have a great summer!

DIY Thursday… GO FLY A KITE! O.K. How About An Airplane!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioThe kids are out of school and looking for something to do.

How about a quick and easy project that won’t break the bank and will keep them busy for an hour or so?  Sounds like a winner to me.  

This airplane is a little different than the ones you might be used to but they fly pretty good and bring the fun.  Total cost of the project… maybe $5 for multiple planes.

Here is what you will need:

Straws – You can get some pretty cool paper straws at the store, they cost about $3 for a pack of 8 or so, you can also use plastic straws.  I chose to use plastic “bendy” straws because I had some left over from last weeks Foodie Friday – Summer Floating post.  If you use the bendy straws you can cut off the “bendy” part or just leave them on, gives the kids something to “adjust” when they are playing with the plane.

Construction Paper or Index Cards – We used construction paper but if you you can get a heavier paper they will hold up better and will fly a bit further.

Tape – Scotch tape works the best but you can also use some duct tape.


  • 1. Cut the index card or stiff paper into 3 separate pieces that measure 1 inch  by 5 inches.
  • 2. Take 2 of the pieces of paper and tape them together into a hoop as shown. Be sure to overlap the pieces about half an inch so that they keep a nice round shape once taped.
  • 3. Use the last strip of paper to make a smaller hoop, overlapping the edges a bit like before.
  • 4. Tape the paper loops to the ends of the straw as shown. (notice that the straw is lined up on the inside of the loops)
  • 5. Now hold the straw in the middle and give it a fling.  You can hold it with the hoops on top for best performance but why not try it both ways.
  • 6.  If you made them using bendy straws give it a bend and see it spiral or just fall to the ground!

The hoops help keep the straw balanced and the larger hoop in the back provides some drag to keep the nose up.  We would love to see pictures of your plane and would love to see how far you get yours to fly… take some pictures and share them on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter @buckeyehonda .


Weekend Wednesday- Last Weekend In June

Weekend Wednesday at Buckeye Honda

Weekend Wednesday at Buckeye HondaSo what have you done so far this summer?  Anything at all?  Not sure what to go do? Take a look at what we are highlighting for this weekend, you might find something you never knew was even going on! Welcome To Buckeye Honda’s Weekend Wednesday, where we highlight a handful of local events.  Get out and do something this weekend, you never know how much fun you might be missing!

Picnic in the Park! – Downtown picnicLancaster (Friday) 

Get out of the office and enjoy lunch in the park. Bring your lunch or pick up one from one of the downtown eateries. The Lodge in Lancaster will provide a full meal, drink & dessert. $10 adult/$5 children. Chimemaster will provide entertainment with its famous Carillon. There will be tables in the shade to sit and enjoy your lunch & entertainment.

Location: Downtown Lancaster Bandstand
Hours: Friday 11:30am – 1:00pm
Admission: Free (Lunches available for purchase)
Address: Corner of Main st. and Broad St in Downtown Lancaster

spacejamFriday Night Flicks – Pickerington

Throughout the summer on Friday nights stop by the Sycamore Park Amphitheater to watch a great movie.  Admission is free.  Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the show on the old barn.

This week they are showing Space Jam staring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.  

Location: Sycamore Creek Park
Hours: Friday 9 p.m.
Admission: Free
Address: Map Here

Friday Night Bandstand – Downtown Lancaster muleskinner

Friday Night Bandstand-free outdoor concert in Downtown Lancaster! Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the live music at the Bandstand. Come Downtown early and enjoy dinner at one of our Downtown restaurants. Music begins at 7pm.

Muleskinners – Old School Bluegrass

The Muleskinner Band has been providing its listeners with a unique blend of quality bluegrass, gospel, and traditional country music for 25 years. Tight harmony, upbeat humor, and excellent musicianship make a Muleskinner performance perfect for a wide range of audiences.

Location: Downtown Lancaster Bandstand
Hours: Friday 7:00 pm
Admission: Free 
Address: Corner of Main st. and Broad St in Downtown Lancaster


Columbus’ grand summer tradition continues as the Columbus Symphony celebrates the Fourth of July. Wave the flag, clap your hands, and stomp your feet to patriotic favorites and rousing Sousa marches including “The Stars and Stripes Forever” and other favorites. The evening is topped off with a brilliant fireworks display.


Location: Columbus Commons
Hours: Saturday 8 p.m.
Admission: $25
Address:160 S. High St.Columbus, 43215


Comfest is a gathering of like-minded people to celebrate the community.  This festival features 6 music stages, Spirit & Purpose Workshops and speakers, solar displays and kids activities. You can shop at over 200 craft and community vendors, and 30 food vendors.  The event is run 100% by volunteers and has zero corporate backing.  The event is a party with a purpose, striving to bring people together and providing grants to fund a range of organizations and initiatives for projects throughout the city.

Dates: June 28-30, 2013
Location: Goodale Park
Hours: Friday noon- 11 p.m. Saturday noon-10 p.m. Sunday noon-8 p.m.
Admission: Free
Address:Corner of Goodale Blvd. and Park St.Columbus, 43215

zestfestZESTFEST – Columbus

Do you enjoy the zesty things in life? You’re invited to indulge in a flavorful food experience as ZestFest Midwest brings together spicy exhibitors and tasty products (featuring hot sauces, barbecue sauces, salsa, spices, condiments, snacks and sweets) from around the country for one exciting weekend to tantalize your taste buds

Dates: June 28-30, 2013
Location: Ohio Expo Center
Hours: Friday 1-9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Admission: $10 Friday. $12 Saturday and Sunday. Children under 12 free.
Address:717 E. 17th Ave.Columbus, 43211


Honda C.D. Library with Gracenote

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaToday on Technology Tuesday we are going to go over the Honda CD Library and how it uses Gracenote to provide a great experience.

First available in the Honda Odyssey and now available in the Honda Pilot, Accord and Crosstour without navigation the Honda CD Library is a flash based system that allows you to save store purchased audio C.D.s directly to the system.

For those that still like to purchase C.D.s and are not as inclined to stream music from a bluetooth device or MP3 player this is the best of both worlds.  The system is large enough (2gb) to hold about 18 C.D.s, plenty for most of us.  The system is set-up to automatically ask if you would like to have your C.D. added to the library once you insert it into the C.D. slot.  With a gracenotespush of the button the system will start adding the songs to your library, you are able to listen to the C.D. while it works or you can choose one of the other audio formats.  It takes about 10-12 minutes depending on how many songs are on the C.D. and how long the songs are.

Once you have added the C.D. to your library the system will use the album and song database called Gracenote that is already loaded into the system to properly tag the C.D. and songs with their appropriate titles.  If the C.D. is a newer release and not in your current database the tracks and C.D. will display as disc# and track# and are still accessible for your listening enjoyment.

gracenotesvesionGracenote is a music database that enables your Honda audio system to identify artist, album and song names. The most popular and trusted ID technology for consumer electronics today, Gracenote will help you better manage and thoroughly enjoy your music collection.

Updates to the Gracenote database are released quarterly and can be downloaded for installation on your vehicle’s audio system.  The Gracenote database can be updated for free up to 4 times a year.  The process is a little time consuming but very easy.  Buckeye Honda will start having these database updates available at the dealership.  If you would like to have your Gracenote database upgraded or see if there is an upgrade available let us know when you are making your service appointment and we can arrange to have your system updated while your vehicle is in for service or get you a copy of the update instructions.


If you would like to update the Gracenote database yourself you can go to the Official Honda Gracenote webpage here.  All you have to do is select your vehicle using the drop down menu and the current update will be available to you along with directions on how to download the .zip files and what you need to do with them once you have them.  The system won’t let you install an older update so there is no worry about going backwards.

The greatest benefit to being able to store your audio tracks directly to the audio system is being able to remove the C.D.s from your vehicle and listen to them someplace else, not to mention there will be less clutter in your beautiful Honda and you still get to listen to your new favorite song while driving down the highway!

For more information about the Honda C.D. Library check out the video below.

**Contest Time** Go to our Facebook page and let us know what your favorite song for the road is for a chance to win a $25 Gas Card!  You can also tweet to us your answer @Buckeyehonda make sure to use the hashtag #techtues Contest Ends Monday, July 1st 2013 at 4pm EST.

Team Member Monday: Bob Siegel

Bob Siegel at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioIt’s Team Member Monday and we are talking about sales professional, Bob Siegel.

Bob has been with the Buckeye Family for for almost 14 years between his time working out of our Buckeye Nissan location and now closer to home at Buckeye Honda for the last six years.

Bob is more than just a sales consultant, with his vast knowledge of the automotive business Bob is also very involved in the inventory responsibilities of the dealership.  Since it is almost impossible to have every Honda in every trim, in every color you have to have someone that has a stellar reputation among other dealerships and solid relationships in order to work trades.  You also have to have someone that can keep up with the daily production, shipping and arrival of inventory and Bob does all of this seamlessly along with having one of the largest client bases in the Buckeye Family.  Not everyone is able to do this with the efficiency and professionalism that Bob does.

Bob calls Carroll Ohio home with his lovely (and patient) wife Paula.  Paula and Bob have two grown boys and welcomed their first grandchild into the family just last year.  The birth of their Grandson was among the greatest moments of their lives.  Bob Siegel at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster

When Bob is not at work you can find him cheering for one of his favorite sports teams.  Bob is a die-hard Cleveland Browns, Indians  and Cavs fan along with the Blue Jackets.  To say Bob has led a tortured Sports Fan’s Life would be an understatement.  Bob can tell you everyone of the famed Cleveland Sports Curses and witnessed many of them first hand.  On Bob’s Bio page he lists his greatest disappointments as “The Drive”, “The Fumble” and Jose Mesa.  For those that are familiar you know what Bob is talking about for those that don’t check out the video below. (Not for the faint of heart, Cleveland Fans might cry.)

Bob is also a great resource for classic and current movie information as well as restaurant and food info.  On many occasions Bob has been the authoritative voice on movie trivia at the dealership.  When deciding what movie to rent or watch, Bob can usually provide you with real world advice.

To find out more about Bob check out his Bio page on the Buckeye Honda Website.

Service Saturday: Alignment Series

Service Saturday with Buckeye Honda of Lancaster OhioToday on Service Saturday we are going to start our series on Alignments.  A properly aligned vehicle is key to great gas mileage and getting your tires to last a long time.

Buckeye Honda offers a free alignment check anytime you come into the dealership, yes FREE!  Not only are all alignment checks free, if we do an alignment for you we guarantee it for 12 months.  If your car needs an alignment within 12 months of us doing one we will do it again at no charge to you!!

Today we are going to talk about how to know when your vehicle needs to be realigned.

If you’re wondering whether your car needs an alignment, first look at your tires. Uneven tire wear — often, more wear on the outside of some

Buckeye Honda Alignment Center

Buckeye Honda Alignment Center

tires — is a prime indicator that your car is likely out of alignment. Here are a few more indicators:

  • your steering wheel vibrates
  • your car seems to be drifting to one side, even when you think you’re driving straight
  • you are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn’t centered

If none of these indicators occurs but it’s been awhile since your last alignment contact our award-winning service department and ask them about having your vehicle alignment checked for free!

An out-of-alignment car is a common result of everyday driving. But the term alignment doesn’t really refer to your car’s wheels but rather to the suspension. As part of normal driving, parts of your car’s suspension may become worn, and springs can be stretched out. Even a small accident,  bumping a curb or hitting a pot-hole in the road can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the highly calibrated components off-kilter, making your wheels sit at improper angles. An alignment restores these angles to their correct measurements, making sure that your wheels sit straight.

suspensionThe most visible benefit of an alignment is less tire wear. And when tires do wear down, they’ll do so evenly on a properly aligned suspension. Tires can be quite expensive — easily $100 or more per tire — whereas an alignment at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio costs $79.95 and that includes the 12 months 12,000 mile warranty.  That alignment is for a Four-Wheel alignment, we don’t believe in doing just half the job.  Many shops only suggest doing the front but if the rear suspension is out of alignment it will have a negative impact on your vehicle as well… so why leave it to chance?

An alignment will ensure that your car drives straight and handles properly, making your ride safer. You’ll also get better gas mileage because your tires will be properly aligned with the road, decreasing resistance.  You don’t want the tires to fight with the vehicle and the road in order to roll properly, this causes the engine to work harder and costs you more fuel and more money.