Team Member Monday – Sadie Evans

sadie1Buckeye Honda and Buckeye Toyota are award winning dealerships doing business in Lancaster Ohio.  The number one contributing factor to their great reputation is one thing; Their People.  The number one thing that sets the Buckeye Organization apart from all of the other dealerships, are the employees.  Today we would like to introduce you to one of the best, Sadie Evans.

Sadie is The Lead Customer Service Representative for Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, OH.  Sadie’s  position requires that she be on her game all the time while being able to juggle multiple tasks at once.  From helping the sales staff with various duties, answering phones, helping service clients that are waiting for their vehicle to keeping up with reports, handling service reminders and doing so many other things too many to mention, our CSR team is the center of the hub that keeps the wheels moving forward.   Without their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile, Buckeye can’t be the dealership that it is and Sadie is one a big part of that.

When not at Buckeye you can find Sadie spending some time on herself from getting her nails done to spending some quiet time in a warm sun bed.   She doesn’t get a lot of time to watch television or movies but when she does she prefers Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and her favorite movie is Remember The Titans.  Her entire family loves football and Remember The Titans is one of her favorites.  Spending time with her family is one of her most important priorities.  Hanging out with Mom, Dad, her older Sister, younger Brothers and her Niece is what she loves to do the most.  She finds that doing some of these little things makes her happy and helps her to relax from the hectic world.

One thing that many people at Buckeye don’t know is Sadie recently graduated with a degree in Deaf Studies and Interpreting from Ohio University.  She has had sadie3the privileged to interpret for a number of events in the area including the Sold-Out Justin Beiber Concert in Nationwide Arena.  Having Sadie’s skill set has been very helpful for some of our deaf clients that visit the dealership for sales or service.  Sadie loves  to help bridge the communication barrier and make it easier for everyone.  If you or someone you know is deaf  and would like to set an appointment at the dealership when Sadie is available we invite you to contact her at 740-653-7678 or email at to set your appointment.   Sadie will be more than happy to aid you in any way that she can.

Sadie’s guilty pleasure is crispy money (money that is fresh off the presses – she hates to spend it!) and fried rice.  Makes us wonder if she was really craving her favorite fried rice would she be willing to use her last crispy dollar?  Next time you’re in ask her!

sadie3Sadie is a resident of Carroll Ohio but when asked where she would like to be on a day like today, it is really easy for her to answer – “Someplace tropical with the beach nearby where I can put my toes in the sand and watch the waves.”   We have to admit that does sound like a great place to be.

Next time you are in the dealership take a moment and say hello to Sadie Evans, One of the Stars of Buckeye Honda.


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