Tech Tuesday: How To Hang Some Wallpaper In Your New CR-V

One of the first things to do when you get your new Buckeye Honda CR-V – Personalize It!

2013 Honda CR-V at Buckeye Honda Lancaster OhioThere are a number of ways to personalize your new Honda CR-V.  You can  purchasing Genuine Honda Accessories, through the Buckeye Honda Parts Department, designed and engineered specifically for your CR-V.  You can add some cool fuzzy dice to the mirror (does anyone actually still do this?) or you could start out by uploading a new wallpaper to your i-Mid screen.

Located front and center in your CR-V’s instrument panel, i-MID communicates with virtually all of your vehicle’s systems so you can get all your information in one place. See vehicle performance stats, like fuel consumption and trip range estimates, as well as more personal info, imidlike text messages[1] and what’s playing on Pandora®[2]. See what’s behind you with the multi-angle rearview camera. Then upload a favorite image for i-MID’s wallpaper.

So let’s get that Wallpaper Hung!

Steps For Importing Wallpapers From A USB

You can import up to three images, one at a time for wallpaper from a USB flash drive. Select Import Wallpaper fromCustomize Settings and properly connect a USB flash drive to store an image.

  1. Connect the USB Flash drive to the adapter cable.
  2. Press the MENU button.
  3. Select Customize Settings with the + or – button, then press the SOURCE button.
  4. Select Display Setup with the + or – button, then press the SOURCE button.
  5. Now Select Import Wallpaper, then press the Source button.
  6. Choose your file that you want to display with the + or – button, then press the Source button and then confirm again using the Source button.
  7. This next step (as you can see in the video) may take a moment or 2 or 12… while it imports the wallpaper.  The system is sizing your image to work with the screen.
  8. Now select the Menu button twice and then select Customized Settings with the + or – button.
  9. Next select Display Setup, then select then Select Wallpaper.
  10. Finally choose the file that you uploaded.

Below is information on file format and image size. You will find all this and more on page 92 of the 2012 CR-V Owners Manual.

  • When importing wallpaper files, the image must be in the USB flash drive’s root directory. Images in a folder cannot be imported.
  • The file format of the image will need to be BMP(bmp) or JPEG (jpg).
  • The file size should be no bigger then 2 MB with a maximum image size of 1,920 X 936 pixels. If the image size is less then 480 X 234 pixels, the image will display in the middle of the screen with the extra area appearing in black.
  • Make sure that no more than 64 characters are in the file name.

Now you can watch Kent DeLong walk you through how to do this easy and straightforward process in this video selection.

To see all of the 2013 Honda CR-V Accessories, or Inventory.

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Team Member Monday: Eric Waddell

Eric Waddell is more than just the Parts Manager for Buckeye Honda.  Eric began his automotive career at Jegs Performance Parts in Columbus Ohio and came to work for Buckeye Honda in 2005.  Eric was promoted to Parts Manager a couple of years ago and provides fast and accurate service to both the service technicians he supports as well as the do it yourself mechanic.  The key to Eric’s success is his knowledge of automobiles and his efficient way of getting things done.  Eric Waddell, Parts Manager Buckeye Honda

Coming to Buckeye, Eric brought a vast amount of car knowledge, something he learned growing up in a “Car Family”.  When Eric was a just a boy you could find him in the garage with his father, Mike and his two brothers Pat and Shawn.  Mike did all of his own work on the family automobiles and Eric was eager to learn.  When  not in the family garage, Eric was reading car magazines, books and going to car shows.  Eric learned how cars worked quickly and then it was all about figuring out how to make them go faster.

Eric has taken his love of cars to the next level by competing in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA).  Eric was crowned the 2012 Performance Touring E Class National Champion.  You can see the race here… check out starting around minute 16 when Eric starts making his move to take the lead with some great driving.  Eric won the race in a Honda CRX he also races in the Honda Challenge Series in a 1991 Honda Civic that has had a lot of his and his brothers hard work and sweat pumped into it.  Pat and Shawn were right there with Eric

Eric Waddell is a National Champion Race Car driver in the NASA organization in PTE Class

Eric Waddell on the 1st Place Podium at NASA National Championship PTE

giving him race crew support not to mention some good brotherly fun.

When Eric is not at Buckeye or on the track he loves spending his time with his wife Amanda and their daughters Hayden and Emery.  Eric and Amanda met at Buckeye Honda while Amanda was working as a Customer Service Representative and Eric was holding down his spot in the Parts Department.  Amanda and Eric were wedded almost 4 years ago and make their home in Logan Ohio.  Amanda is a Clever Container Organizer and has offered great and fun organizational tools and supplies for a couple of years now.  You can contact Amanda for a product catalog or to book an in-home party here.

When it is time to relax Eric likes to sit on the deck with a nice beer in hand.  Eric prefers a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, a clean and crisp wheat beer with natural lemonade flavor. Eric Waddell Parts Manager of Buckeye Honda with wife Amanda and daughters Hayden and Emery  Eric says that you can not  go wrong with a Leinie’s Summer Shandy on a hot summer day.  (Keep an eye out for our Foodie Friday Article coming May 3rd for more about this great beer.)  Eric’s go to comfort food is Mashed Potatoes, something we are going to share more about on an upcoming Foodie Friday.

To find out what Eric’s favorite car is, what he is listening to on his MP3 player or who he would like to dine with check out his personal bio page here.  For more information about all our Parts and Service personnel click here and then click on the profile picture.

At Buckeye Honda we would love to hear from you!  Share with us your favorite recipe, beverage, car, racing story (sanctioned and legal events only, please) and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles or have your recipe shared with our readers.

Eric Waddell, Parts Manager for Buckeye Honda with his family.

Earth Day is Every Day at Buckeye Honda

Happy Earth Day!

Buckeye Honda believes that taking care of the Earth is an important responsibility. earthfromspace Buckeye Honda is not only committed to provided fantastic customer service through our Award Winning Service and Sales departments but we are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment.  Let’s face it there is only one Earth and we owe it to ourselves to take care of it!

What is Buckeye Honda doing?  We start by having a recycling program.  We teamed up with Fairfield Community Action  to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum cans and cardboard.  There are multiple recycling receptacles placed throughout the dealership with a focus on areas of heavy paper, aluminum can and plastic use.  With an automotive dealership one of the largest challenges is paper and customer information.  For this reason there are numerous paper shredding devices and collection bins located throughout the dealership.  These documents are picked up by a separate service and recycled in a more secure way to insure customer information is kept safe.

Buckeye’s recycling program is more than paper deep!    When you visit Buckeye Honda you can easily see some of our recycling bins and slider_img5receptacles located around the dealership… but what else do we recycle?!   Oil!  Yes we recycle our oil in-house!  Buckeye Honda utilizes a Clean Burn Oil system that is EPA Approved – Environmentally Friendly.  By recycling the waste oil that we take out of your vehicle, during an oil change, through on-site heat recovery we reduce the risks of spills and contamination.  The use of waste oils as a fuel source sharply reduces pressure on natural gas and fuel oil supplies. Finally, Clean Burn waste oil combustion meets or exceeds every Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement for helping preserve clean air.

The disturbing news is that over 200 million of the 1.3 billion gallons of waste oil generated in the U.S. yearly are not collected, but rather dumped illegally or accidentally into sewers, streams, drains, landfills and backyards:

  • 200 million gallons is the equivalent of nearly 20 Exxon Valdez spills each year.
  • One gallon of waste oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of fresh drinking water.
  • One quart of waste oil can create a two-acre slick on surface water.
  • 40% of the pollution in U.S. waterways is from waste motor oil.

You can see why we are passionate about our responsibility when it comes to waste oil.

Buckeye Honda wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem and we want you to join us!  Consider these three tips to keep Central Ohio (and your Honda) green!

Monitor your fuel efficiency. Want to save at the pump and make Mother Nature happy? Just hit the “ECON” button. With Honda’s Eco Assist technology, your fuel efficiency will be worth bragging about. If you don’t have any fancy gadgets in your ride, consider using a smartphone app, like GasBuddy, to monitor your efficiency between fill-ups.

Get together a carpool. Do the kids have practice three nights a week? This sounds like an opportunity to set up a carpool with fellow parents. slider_img4Why not take turns driving to save you time and save the environment some CO2!  Even if it’s just one time per week, every little bit can help.

Help our green spaces.  Give a local park a much needed face-lift  While we wish we could do this with every local park out there, it takes a community effort to truly protect all of our parks and green spaces. That can be something as simple as picking up litter when you see it or shutting off the water from a hose left on.  List of Fairfield County Parks.

With the summer months just around the corner, we know Central Ohio  residents will be out and about enjoying the weather and the beautiful outdoors. As a community-oriented Lancaster Ohio Honda Dealer, we challenge you to follow these tips and help our community stay green!

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Buckeye Honda Does It … Again!

THANK YOU!  for helping make us one of Central Ohio’s only Honda President’s Award Winning Dealers… and one of the top Honda dealers in all of America.

Buckeye  Honda of Lancaster, Ohio, has earned the Honda President’s Award for its exceptional performance in 2012.  This annual award is presented to Honda’s top-ranking dealerships that achieved excellence in all areas of operation – customer service and sales satisfaction, sales, training, and facility.

This is the 10th year that Buckeye Honda has earned the distinguished Honda President’s Award, putting them in a very Elite Class of dealerships.  Less than 35 Honda Dealerships have won the award 10 or more times.

During 2012, more than 1,000 Honda automobile dealerships from across the country competed for the President’s Award title, with only 112 dealerships earning the award.  Each year the objectives for the program are evaluated to ensure compliance with Honda’s standards.  Honda provides each winning dealership a distinguished trophy and other showroom embellishments to herald their accomplishments.president-award-3

“The Honda President’s Award was established in 1995 to recognize our outstanding dealerships,” says John Mendel, executive vice president of Automobile Sales for Honda.  “Our goal remains to challenge dealerships to continually grow and set the standard by which other companies aspire.”

“This true value of the Honda President’s Award is that it comes from our clients and the hard work of our associates.  Without the hard work and daily effort of the most important part of Buckeye, our people, this award would never be possible,” said General Manager Brett Conrad.   “Our Associates work very hard everyday to make sure our clients receive the highest level of service satisfaction in throughout their car-buying experience as well as their experience in our service department.”

Buckeye Honda’s commitment to excellence does not start and end at the dealership. Among the many community efforts and activities in 2012, Buckeye Honda was proud to again be a major sponsor of Lancaster High School Athletics, The Liberty Union Youth Soccer Association, The Ohio Glass Museum, Children’s Heart Foundation, Brenden’s Quest, The Lancaster Concert Series, and a major contributor to Fisher Catholic High School.

Located at 2615 North Memorial Dr at Ety Road in Lancaster, Ohio, Buckeye Honda features the full line of 2013 Hondas, including the all-new CR-Z Sport Hybrid, the all-new Odyssey Minivan and the all-new 2013 Accord, rated one of Car and Driver magazine’s 10Best for a record 27 times; a large selection of Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles; and an array of services from Honda Finance.  The showroom is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm, Saturdays from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from Noon to 5pm VIP Honda can be reached at 866-22-7485 and on the web at


You Were Made To Be Awesome!

Let’s Be Awesome!  Let’s Find A Reason To Dance!

More importantly let’s give others a reason to dance!

Yes you might be thinking “what in the world does a car dealership like Buckeye Honda have to do with making the world a better place?  They are just a car dealership, right?”  Well… not exactly!  You see, we believe in making things and people Awesome!  Jerry Spires, Thought Leader and Inspirational Guide (others call him the owner but that isn’t all he is), believes we are in “The People Business”.

Jerry was recently awarded with the Automotive Achievement Award for 2013 at the Columbus International Auto Show.  Jerry started his speech by saying  “We Believe we are in the people business not the car business.”

We have associates that have been with our organization for almost 30 years, several associates that have been with us for 10 – 15 – 20 years!  We want to be more than just a car dealership we want to be an organization that the communities wants to exist.  We try to support a number of local charities, school programs and do our best to be good neighbors.  We support environmental “green” programs in our dealerships from recycling to environmentally responsible practices in our Collision Center.

What makes you dance?  What makes you awesome?  What would make us even more awesome?  Please leave your comments here or on our Facebook Page.  We want to make Space Jam everyday!  Do you want to just do business with a company or do you want to do business with people?  People that want to be awesome!

One last thing in the everlasting words of Journey “Don’t stop believing…. unless your dream is stupid.”  We don’t think your dream is stupid – GO FOR IT!

Automotive April Fools Day!

Happy April, everyone!  Well as it is the 3rd day of April we all made it through the national holiday for pranksters, April Fools’ Day!  We are sure that there were many small acts of trickery as well as large-scale worldwide pranks played via the Internet.  We would like to recap some of the best Automotive April Fools’ Day Jokes w/video.  If we missed one feel free to leave them in the comments or post them to our Facebook page!

Of course the favorite this year at Buckeye Honda was the one from Honda!

HondaVac with HondaHair

Fresh off the introduction of the 2014 Odyssey, Honda is adding onto its innovative HondaVac system with a new accessory. Acting as a mobile Flowbee (the hair-cutting vacuum tool from the ’80s), the HondaHair attachment allows parents to give thier kids a quick haircut or tighten up a scraggly beard. Here’s a video to watch HondaHair in action:

Chevrolet Corvette Callaway AeroWagonette

Do you have a family of five, the budget for only one new car and a passion for Corvettes? Well Callaway just might give you something to dream about. After showing off the AeroWagon, a shooting brake version of the2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, last month, Callaway is now bringing us the AeroWagonette, a small trailer that can be towed behind the ‘Vette and seat three small children. We’re fairly sure – or at least we hope – that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would never sign off on something like this.  We would suggest just looking at a Honda Odyssey to haul around the kids but to each there own!


BMW Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM)

Looking to cash in on some of the attention surrounding this summer’s arrival of the first child of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, BMW has come up with the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM). The PRAM is a self-propelled stroller with air conditioning, a “paparazzi-proof hood” and the choice of two or four-wheel drive.


Volvo External Vehicle Protection system


It’s always fun when ideas from science fiction movies make it to the automotive world, and Volvo might be showing us the closest thing we can get to what was used in Demolition Man. Instead of using an internal foam like the movie, Volvo’s idea uses an external balloon that encompasses the car in the event of an impending collision.  If Safety is this important to you we suggest taking a look at the Honda Safety For Everyone Features.

Think Geek’s Batman family car decal set


Some of us at Buckeye Honda are self-proclaimed Geeks and we love Geeky stuff!  This one comes from one of our favorite online retailers at Think Geek.  If you like Geeky Stuff, Car Stuff, Cooking Stuff or ??? don’t forget to say Hello when you are in Buckeye Honda looking for a vehicle or having your ride serviced in our award-winning service department.

Calling All Rebels… For Charity!

Buckeye Honda loves being involved with the community and we love to have fun!

We want to go bowling for a great charity!  And we want YOU To Come with us!

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of Bowl for Kid’s Sake supporting Big Brother Big Sisters Youth Mentoring Program of Fairfield County is upon us and we would like for you to join us.  We are looking for Four to Five people to add to our team of Fun Time Rebels!  Are you Interested?  Contact Us Here and let us know how to get in touch with you.  Here are some of the details…

Where – Rule 3—Pickerington

 When – May  5th  Sun. 1pm

 Cost –   $30 per bowler * $50 to earn a free t-shirt … there is no limit to the amount you can raise or give!

Are you interested in being involved but can’t make it to the event?  Would you be interested in making a small donation to our team?  Contact us Here and let us know how we can get in touch with you!

We would love to have you on our Buckeye Honda Team!  We will have a great time!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rebel For A Cause

Rebel For A Cause