Test Drive: Honda Virtual Towing

testdrivetuesdayHonda is at it again and we are LOVING IT!

Virtual Towing and the future of Automotive Safety brought to the world by Honda!


Imagine if you will that you are having a medical problem while you were driving.  The steps would be to pull over to the side of the road, pull out your cell phone, contact Emergency Personnel and then wait……  In a perfect world this has a happy ending but we don’t live in a perfect world.  Now let’s look at the scenario again… The driver is not doing well, they are in a heavy traffic situation where the traffic is difficult to manage they attempt to pull over or decide to wait for an exit and before they are able to get over safely they are involved in an accident.  Another scenario might be that the road they are traveling doesn’t have a lot of traffic and is in a much more rural area, they can get to the side of the road but communicating with others has become difficult in their current state.


What if the driver was able to press an S.O.S button and then the car would automatically engage the hazard lights, slow the car and bring it to a stop.  But Wait… There’s More… Now what if the vehicle was able to send out a signal to other drivers in the area with similarly equipped vehicles and those drivers could help or at the least contact the Emergency Personnel?  OK pretty cool so far, right?  Now let’s take it one step farther and say that the good Samaritan would be able to drive in front of the driver having trouble and engage a virtual towing feature and without getting our of their vehicle they would be able to tow the vehicle of the person having trouble to the hospital or to safety.

For the whole towing procedure, the cars have to talk to each other about speed, following distance, turn signals, braking, etc. Honda showed this ability at the Intelligent Transport Systems show in Detroit recently.  Now the examples that we put out there are pretty elaborate but think of the opportunity for advanced collision avoidance if the vehicles could communicate with one another on this level.  There really are a number of applications that could make driving safer and Honda is on the forefront of making these things a reality.

We hope to see more of these advanced automotive technologies in the coming years and we promise to bring you up to date information as it becomes available.  Just think only a couple of years ago Honda Lane Watch, Back-up Cameras, and advanced navigation systems were just new thinking and today are available in many of the vehicle that Buckeye Honda sells as standard equipment.

Buckeye Honda


Test Drive Tuesday: 2015 Toyota Sienna

testdrivetuesdayFind the 2015 Toyota Sienna at Buckeye Toyota

One of the toughest and most selfless duties to take on is the job of being a mom. Moms will wake up every day and do their best to get their children where they need to be on time, whether it’s school, baseball practice, or piano lessons. And sometimes, your vehicle isn’t living up to the reliable sidekick that it should be.  That’s when you can turn to a reliable name like Toyota, and you can find the 2015 Toyota Sienna at Buckeye Toyota in Lancaster Ohio

Getting Through the Day

The new 2015 Toyota Sienna has been built with both space and efficiency, having plenty of room for all of your little ones. The 2015 Sienna can seat up to eight passengers, making road trips with the family or carpooling super easy! The 2015 Toyota Sienna also contains a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can yield up to 266 horsepower! The six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with intelligence allows you to receive twenty-five mile to the gallon on the highway.

sienna interior

Interior Technology

To enhance your drive and keep the kids entertained, the 2015 Toyota Sienna has been designed with a few impressive technology features. On the 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen, you can access different systems, such as Bluetooth Technology, Entune App Suite, Voice-Activated Touch-Screen DVD Navigation, and even SiriusXM Radio. There is even an available dual-view entertainment center that includes a 16.4-inch color display with RCA jacks and power outlets! One new feature that’s been added for the 2015 Sienna: a microphone up front which lets drivers use the car’s built-in microphone to amplify their voice through rear speakers. No more shouting at the kids in the backseat or turning your eyes away from the road to glare at roughhousing children. for the parents to bark at the two arguing children in the very back, that way, you can keep your eyes on the road, and the children will have something to watch during the long road trips!



When driving the 2015 Sienna, you can be confident that you and your passengers are safe. The 2015 Sienna has enlarged airbags, and the entire system consists of driver and front passenger front seat-mounted side airbags, a driver’s knee airbag, all-row side curtain airbags, and even an added fitted seat-cushion airbag for the front passenger! The Sienna even has technology features that contribute to your safety and confidence, such as Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, a Panorama Camera, Vehicle Stability, and even Parking Assist!

Get Started!

To make your job easier as a mom, check out the new 2015 Toyota Sienna at Buckeye Toyota of Lancaster Ohio!  With a great selection, as well as excellent service and a friendly Financing Department, Buckeye is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today at 740-654-3943 to schedule your test drive!

The Honda Smart Home – Interior Design

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaWhat’s a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Home without Eco-Friendly interior design?  Honda introduced the Honda Smart Home earlier this Spring. The Smart Home is a marvel of modern technology and ingenious design that Honda is known for.

With a tremendous spirit of innovation, teamwork and determination, Honda associates, past and present, have created valhonda-home3ue for society by challenging conventional thinking with new technologies, products and business strategies. In direct response to the growing threat of climate change – the greatest environmental challenge of our time – Honda Smart Home was developed to showcase our vision for sustainable, low-carbon living and personal transportation. (Hondasmarthome,2014)

For more information on the Honda Smart Home visit the website at www.hondasmarthome.com or take a Virtual Tour 


Do you think we will live in something like this in the near future?


HondaLink – The Next Generation

handfreeHonda recently introduced the next generation of connected-car technology to meet the evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy, always-connected consumers: Honda Display Audio and HondaLink™. Together these technologies represent the most advanced information and media connectivity package ever offered by Honda.

The first vehicle that gets this new technology is the 2014 Honda Civic.  The 2014 Civic equipped with Display Audio marks Honda’s first factory installed integration of Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode with Siri operation available directly through the steering wheel-mounted controls when a compatible iPhone is paired via Bluetooth®

“Display Audio and HondaLink are pioneering technologies that seamlessly and intuitively integrate the power and functionality of a customers’ smartphone directly into their vehicle,” said Charles Koch, manager of new business development for American Honda. “Staying connected to the latest music, information, news, traffic updates, even friends and family, is a must-have capability for a new generation of car buyers.”


hondalink2Display Audio
The new Display Audio interface1 debuts on the 2014 Civic (EX models and above) and will be featured on the all-new 2015 Fit, arriving next spring. Offering one of the largest touchscreens in its class, Display Audio uses the familiar pinch, swipe and tap functionality of a smartphone to access audio, phonebook, media, vehicle information and available navigation features.

Icons resembling smartphone apps are displayed on a 7-inch, high-definition, capacitive touchscreen, making the interface intuitive and easy to use. Standard internet-sourced music and media options, such as Pandora® are built into the Display Audio interface, with the ability to create personalized stations, tap to “like” songs, and view album artwork directly from the touchscreen. Display Audio also integrates touch operation of the volume (with a quick-swipe adjustment), menu, and return functions for a modern and sleek look. Standard steering wheel controls compliment the touchscreen features as well.

Next Generation HondaLink™
The Display Audio system with next generation HondaLink allows the customer’s digital lifestyle to seamlessly integrate with the car and provides access to a hondaassistworld of cloud-based information. The all-new application-based platform connects customers to online content both inside and outside the car, all powered by their smartphones. At launch timing, iPhone 5, 5S and 5C will benefit from all the features HondaLink offers. Compatible Android smartphone’s are anticipated to become available next year.

Four specialty HondaLink apps provide organization and are a gateway to additional online content:

  • Connect App – Provides convenient access for many services including location searches, local weather, messaging, Maintenance Minder alerts, service scheduling by phone, and access to the Owners Guide. Users can tap for weather updates and store favorite destinations for quick routing with the Navigation app.
  • Navigation App – For the first time Honda is offering a comprehensive cloud-based navigation app for purchase2 that includes 3D mapping and continuously updated traffic information. As the first navigation app developed by an automaker with mapping data provided by HERE, a Nokia business, this app offers a variety of location search options including search by point of interest, text search, or previous locations. Routes can be pre-planned on a smartphone and will display on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Turn-by-turn routing guidance is available through the vehicle’s audio system as well.
  • Aha™App – provides access to an extensive and diverse selection of audio content across multiple genres and demographics, plus featured new stations, Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, news, Twitter and Facebook updates and nearby location listings for restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, weather, parks, and gas stations. Users can tap to personalize stations or add favorites via smartphone or directly through the Display Audio interface.
  • Launcher App –Finds and organizes Honda-approved 3rd party apps so they can be quickly integrated into the Display Audio system. Approved apps can be found through the Launcher and shown on the Display Audio screen for easy access.

hondaconnectAdditional new features found with HondaLink include HondaLink Assist, which can help provide emergency assistance to drivers. If there is a cellular connection and an airbag deployment sensor is triggered by a collision, the system is designed to automatically attempt to notify an operator, report the car’s current location, and allow you to talk directly to the operator. The operator can then contact emergency services if needed.

Siri Eyes Free Integration
Display Audio integrates Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode into Honda vehicles. Compatible iPhone® users will be able to operate Siri through familiar voice commands by pressing and holding the TALK button on the steering wheel when their iPhone is paired via Bluetooth® . Using Eyes Free mode, Siri takes hands-free functionality even further and helps minimize distractions by keeping an iOS device’s screen from lighting up.

Owners can direct Siri to perform a number of specific tasks while they keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

  • Sending text messages and e-mails
  • Reading incoming text messages and emails
  • Setting up calendar entries, reminders, and alarms
  • Checking the weather
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation (when the audio system is set to Bluetooth® Audio or iPod mode)
  • Sports scores and stock quotes

Display Audio is the first factory installed integration of Siri Eyes Free mode into a Honda vehicle. Previously, it was available on  the 2013 -2014 Honda Accord only as a dealer installed accessory.

Buckeye Honda Come in and let us give you a demonstration of what this technology is all about.  has been selling new and used vehicles in Lancaster Ohio since 1984.  We strive to earn your business through our knowledge and integrity while attending to even the smallest details.

Tuesday at Toyota: Toyota Racing Development

scrabble-tuesdayPerformance is an idea Toyota does not take lightly. One way they embody this is through Toyota Racing Development. TRD is the in-house tuning shop for our worldwide racing teams. More important to you, it’s another way we get performance into the hands of our customers. Whether it’s special edition vehicles like the Rock Warrior Tundra, or developing high-performance parts and accessories that our owners can install in their own vehicles, everything is aimed to help you accelerate quicker, stop shorter or handle better–racetrack or not.

Here is a brief history lesson, it doesn’t cover all of the catalogs but we think you will get the picture.

It all started in 1996 when Toyota put out the first TRD catalog.  The catalog marked the introduction of TRD USA performance parts in the U.S. market place. trd2What made TRD unique – the products were available exclusively through Toyota dealers and backed by a factory style warranty for the first time. At this point, the catalog consisted of about a dozen categories of parts, mostly suspension related, that were available for popular Toyota car and truck applications.

In 1998 the second catalog introduced TRD’s first supercharger to the world. This was a major first: it was the first time a manufacturer offered an aftermarket supercharger kit that was emission legal and supported by a full factory style warranty. The supercharger was designed to fit the 3.4-liter V6 that powered the 4Runner and the popular Tacoma pickup. This milestone led to a whole family of TRD superchargers that continues today.

The 2000 catalog was by far the most comprehensive TRD catalog to date. It introduced numerous new products, including the first time TRD offered complete performance upgrade packages for specific Toyota models – including the Camry, Solara and Corolla. In addition, there were new aero packages for Supra, MR2 and Celica. In just four years, the TRD product offering had grown to 5 times the number of items originally offered in 1996

trdIn 2005, five superchargers were featured in this edition of the TRD catalog, including a supercharger for Toyota’s first V8. All of the superchargers were Roots-type design and were emission legal with full warranty coverage. This edition was also the first time TRD incorporated electronic engine control upgrades with the superchargers for improved power and emission compliance

Toyota keeps introducing more and more racing inspired performance parts for the everyday customer to enjoy.  It is part of the motivating factor  to enhance performance without compromising integrity. And the end results speak for themselves – like a 504-hp supercharged Tundra that smokes sports cars for lunch. It’s just one example of how TRD USA takes driving to the next level of performance and fun!

If you are interested in seeing what TRD has for your vehicle come in and see our service and parts professionals at Buckeye Toyota in Lancaster Ohio.

Living With Robots

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaHonda is more than a automotive company… Honda is a mobility company.  Honda wants to develop robots that can one day save lives, make surgery less invasive and help humanity.

Did you know that the study of how to make a robot walk up stairs led to the most advanced anti-lock braking system only found on a Honda?

“Living With Robots,” is a short documentary film from Honda.   The sixth film release in Honda’s popular Dream the Impossible Documentary Series, “Living With Robots” was directed by award-winning filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, ( Brother’s Keeper, Crude, Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster ). The film ponders life with robots such as ASIMO, along with perspectives from science-fiction screenwriters, academics, philosophers, engineers and other thinkers.

Do you think we need more robots?  What do you think of Honda and their research efforts in robotics?


Kick Out The Ladder! Tech Tuesday at Buckeye Honda

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaWe invite you to discover this inspirational metaphor that has helped impossible dreams come true.

Join our cinematic journey and unearth this unique way of advancing—from Honda associates who have kicked out the ladder, as well as those who have achieved success as a result of it. Watch this Honda philosophy in action, and learn the meaning behind it.

Have you ever had the ladder kicked out from under you?  Did you survive or just sit at the top waiting for someone to save you?  We get the ladder kicked out at Buckeye all of the time and those that figure out a way to move on are who get to stay and those that wait for someone to come get them don’t always make it.  Do you have a story like one of these?  Do you think this is a good lesson for young and old alike?  Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comment section.