Buckeye Honda Service: Now Open Later

Buckeye Honda is constantly looking at ways of improving upon our business.  The best way we have found to do this, is to be there for our customers and to take care of them to the best of our ability.  This is an on going process and we are constantly trying to evolve to be there when you our clients need us.  Many years ago, before it was as popular as it is today we hit the Internet with a website to provide information to people that preferred to shop “online”.  We have done multiple remodels to the facility to expand our service department and to make the waiting area more comfortable and accommodating for our clients.   About 18 months ago we decided to open our sales department on Sunday afternoons.  We were being told by many of our busy clients that Sunday had become one of the only days they could get everyone together and that it would be a lot more convenient if they could shop our dealership on Sunday.  With this information we put together a plan that allows us to be open to serve our clients while still giving our staff some much needed time away from the office.

Well this brings us to our next big announcement; Buckeye Honda is now extending our Service and Parts Department Hours.  We will now be open until 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and on Wednesday we will be open for service until 8pm.  This will give many of our clients the flexibility that they so need with their busy lifestyles.  You can now drop your vehicle off on the way home from work and pick it up in the morning on the way back in or even later in the evening.  We can now be here when you need us and this is a Big Win for everyone.

Buckeye Honda works on all makes and models, so no matter what you drive we can service it.  We prefer to have an appointment set up but we can usually accommodate drive in clients and of course all we will wash your car every time.

Call today toll-free at 1-866-822-7485 or locally at 740-653-7678.  You can set an appointment online on our Buckeye Honda Website  and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for upcoming announcements and money saving coupons.


Team Member / Tech Tuesday Featuring: Alan Lerch

Welcome to Team Member / Tech Tuesday at Buckeye Honda;  A day for us to share Team Member Stories and Profiles with you as well as technical and service related articles, videos, and pictures to help you keep your vehicle in great shape!

Today we are featuring the Buckeye Honda Express Service Technician – Alan Lerch.  

Alan, a Lancaster resident, has been working for Buckeye Honda for about 4 1/2 years.  Alan’s job consists of Oil and Filter Changes, New Tires, Tire Repair and Rotation, Battery Replacement, Air Filters (In-Cabin and Engine) and any “Minor” Honda Factory Service.   Alan is also an expert “ZAMBONI” driver, well it isn’t a real Zamboni and might not be as big but we know he could drive one of the big ones if given the chance!

Alan says he has “always worked on cars” and before coming to Buckeye Honda he worked for a local customization and accessory shop in town.  When not at work Alan likes to watch Ohio State Football as well as the Browns.  He likes to get out and do some fishing and loves spending time with his family which includes 3 adorable grand kids!

When asked what his favorite thing about working at Buckeye Honda was, he said ” The Facility is great and the people are real nice” and “I love being busy, this place is busy and I really like it that way”  Why do you think we are so busy?  “Well when you take good care of people then they come back and they tell their friends.”

On behalf of Alan and all of the Buckeye Honda Team Members we would like to thank you for reading and we would love to see your vehicle in our service department.   Like us on Facebook, we will have coupons coming soon so you can come in and see for yourself what makes Buckeye Honda a great place to do business and to work… oh by the way when you are in make sure you say “Hi” to Alan, he would be glad to see you.

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Multimedia Monday! at Buckeye Honda

HERE WE COME … Back and Better Than Ever.

Today is Multimedia Monday, a look at music, movies, books, the internet and television.  Every day is going to have a unique theme  and we hope that you enjoy it.  We are always looking for input and would love to have yours.  If you have something for one of our weekday themes… drink or food recipes? Music, book or movie reviews or maybe a great idea of something to do on on the weekend send it to us on Facebook and we will make sure you get 98% of the credit (we still want some credit – ha ha ha ).

OK on with Multimedia Monday….

In the world of movies last week we had George Lucas announce the sale of Lucas Films to Disney this was met with a lot of cheers, boos and some people who just went … meh…
Some of our favorite things said on the topic ..

  • “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”  and another one of our favorites…
  • “When you wish upon a Death Star. ” and
  • “Luke, Mickey is now thy father! 

AND OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS — “Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. If they buy Farrah Fawcett, D&D and my parents’ divorce they’ll own my entire childhood.”

What do you think of the announcement?  Are you a fan of Star Wars?  Fan of Disney?  Are you excited to see what happens next or are you over it? Tell us on Facebook what you think… one lucky winner will win a T-Shirt!   Don’t forget to visit our webpage at Buckeyehonda.com

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