Test Drive Tuesday: Magic Seat?


If you’ve researched the Honda Fit at all, then you’ve probably heard about how much room it has for a small car. In fact, this is something that we’ve talked about at great length in the past. But do you know why the Fit can so easily conform to so many different passenger and cargo situations? The answer, very simply, is the Honda Magic Seat. The designers of the Fit went to great lengths to develop a seat that can adjust to so many different modes. We realize this doesn’t answer all of your questions just yet. So, what is the Honda Magic Seat? Let’s take a closer look.
This hatchback has a black belt in versatility. Whether you are carrying passengers, cargo or both, the Fit has four unique configuration modes so you can get just about anyone or anything wherever you need it to go.

Utility Mode

Fold down the 2nd-Row Magic Seat®
and the inside of the Fit becomes a cavernous cargo container with 52.7 cu ft of volume. For a small car, that’s room for some serious freight[1].

[1] Carrying too much cargo or improperly storing it can affect the handling, stability and operation of this vehicle. Follow applicable load limits and loading guidelines.

Long Mode

If you fold down the right side of the rear seat and fold back the front passenger seat, you can haul gear up to 7 feet, 9 inches in length. Crazy to think something that long can fit in a sub-compact car.

Tall Mode

Sometimes you need a little extra cargo height, and folding up the Magic Seat® gives you nearly 4 feet of room, top to bottom. That’s a cool trick that comes in pretty handy at times.

 Refresh Mode

If the only place you want to go is to sleep, you can turn your Fit into a mobile relaxation space. Take off the front head restraints, fold back the front seats and let the chill time begin[1].

[1] Only use Refresh Mode when the vehicle is safely parked. Return the seat and head restraint to their original position before driving.




Buckeye Honda


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