Team Member Monday: Meet Andrew Mettle!

15585170395_a2ea058cf9_zAndrew Mettle has been a Business Manager for the Buckeye family for just over 2 years now. He grew up in the Lancaster area attending Bloom-Carroll H.S. a LONG TIME ago. Andrew is Also a Franklin University Alum with his Bachelors degree in Business.

Andrew is married to his wonderful wife Aimee and I has two beautiful children, Keira and Hudson.  He doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when he gets a chance he loves playing basketball and golf.  You won’t believe his extensive music knowledge especially when it comes to 90s hip-hop…. if it was on a cassette tape, Andrew probably knows it or even owns it.

Andrew is a HUGE Michigan Wolverine fan in all sports and well we try to hide that as much as possible around here! When asked about Buckeye Honda he said. “We have a great team here at Buckeye Honda and I enjoy working with all of them!”

When you get a chance stop by and say Hello to Andrew, he’s a pretty good guy even for a Michigan Fan!


Team Member: Tiffany Brown

tbrownTiffany has been in the car business for about 2 months, making her one of the newest Sales Professionals at Buckeye Honda.  A long time Lancaster resident, Tiffany made a career change from being a nanny to wanting to help others share her enjoyment of new automobiles.  Tiffany says one of her favorite things about car sales is being able to meet new people and share in the exciting experience of shopping and purchasing a new vehicle.

When Tiffany isn’t at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, OH you can find her spending time with her husband Cory, hanging out with her 3 pooches or letting it rip singing some karaoke! She loves to grab the mic and belt out a number of favorites, if you seetbrown1 a karaoke night at the local night spot you just might catch Tiffany there!   When it comes to music you could find her listening to anything from R&B to Country and maybe something in between.

Tiffany claims to know all of the lines to her favorite movie Step Brothers and we can tell you from experience that she probably does, it’s kind of scary… no really.  It’s probably because she doesn’t really watch television and there was probably a shortage of karaoke nights when the movie came out on DVD so we are guessing she ordered her favorite pizza from Lancaster Original Cristy’s Pizza and just watched the movie over and over again…. OK maybe that’s a stretch but that’s our story and we are sticking to it!

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle or if you are in for service, stop by and meet Tiffany Brown.  Oh and if you need someone to preform a wedding, she can help you out!  Tiffany is an ordained minister and has officiated a number of weddings, if you ask nice maybe she will sing at the reception!

Buckeye Honda


Team Member: Zach Hahn

15585169105_0859488f89_zToday we are talking with one of our newest Team Members and Sales Professional, Zach Hahn.

Zach has been in the sales profession for the last year and just made the switch to automotive sales earlier this month.  Zach calls New Lexington home and has for most of his life and absolutely loves vehicles.  It does not matter if they are old muscle cars, trucks or motorcycles; if it has an engine and been taken care of Zach likes it.  If you have a classic or maybe something a little unique swing by and give Zach a chance to take a look, he would love the opportunity to talk to you about it.

In his free time Zach likes to be outside enjoying the great outdoors riding his motorcycle ( A Honda of course!), hiking a backwoods trail, playing golf or just lounging by the pool.   He loves to travel and hopes to get to Europe and Australia in the near future.  To date his favorite destination has been Colorado.  He had the opportunity to stay on the side of the world famous Pikes Peak and had one of the most fabulous views in the world. 15398558639_bd6e39f33d_z

One of Zach’s other hobbies is Grilling.  When Zach was younger his family had sit down dinners together almost every night and this was something that Zach remembers fondly.  At these dinners grilled food was something that was on the menu a lot.  He says that his father was very influential in his love of grilling and family dinners are still something he treasures as he gets older.   Grilled chicken is his go-to dish with his own secret marinade.  If you see him at the dealership and you ask really nice maybe he will share his secret with you.

When the weather forces Zach inside you can find him in front of his Netflix account catching up on movies or shows that he has missed.  When a new movie comes out and you need a review come get Zach he is a bit of a movie junkie!

One of the most unique things about Zach is his ability to solve the Rubik’s Cube fast and we mean FAST!  He recently found his old cube and decided to bring it into work and he uses it when his brain needs aIMG_0897[1] little jolt; a bit of brain boost if you will.   He gets a little nervous on camera but take a look at his Rubik’s Cube skill and let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you have every been able to solve one or if you ever got so mad at one that you had to “put it down”.


Team Member Monday: Betzi Cable

10734383186_e45f3b9913_zWelcome to Monday’s Team Member Spotlight of Buckeye Toyota’s own Betzi Cable!

Betzi’s official title could be inventory manager or  customer service representative but in the end she does both of these jobs and much much more.  When something needs done outside the general focus of selling or servicing a vehicle Betzi can, has or is prepared to do it.  Over the past year and a half she has mastered a network of contacts at other dealerships that take most people 5 yeas to cement.  This allows her to efficiently get you the vehicle that you want, when you want it.  Betzi is also versed in the many things it takes to help keep the dealership running from the bookkeeping to data entry, customer service to knowing who to call to order supplies… you could say that Betzi is the resident expert in a lot of stuff!

Betzi calls Lancaster Ohio home and has for her entire life.  She has 2 sons that are currently attending Lancaster High School and keep her pretty busy when she isn’t at Buckeye.  One day she hopes all of her hard work pays off and she is able to take her fantasy trip to the beautiful Ireland.  She would love to visit the north reaching Donegal all the way to the southern area of West Cork.  Watch out Ireland, Betzi is coming, you have been warned! 10734594813_23031b4e91_z

When not at Buckeye, Betzi likes to curl up with a great book from her favorite authors; Nora Roberts and Dakota Cassidy.  Interesting fact: One of Dakota Cassidy’s characters is based on Betzi.  She won a contest and was chosen to have her likeness included in one of the author’s books.  Next time you see Betzi ask her the title of the book and how she was able to win this awesome contest.

Betzi admits that her favorite comfort food is potato soup, “it’s the perfect combination of taste, texture, warm and goodness in one bowl.”  Although she likes to listen to all kinds of music lately she enjoys Miranda Lambert “Mama’s Broken Heart”, for those familiar with the song this might give you a little insight into Betzi, for those that are not you might want to check it out.

When asked to pick her favorite Toyota, she wasted no time and quickly named the Blue Ribbon Metallic Toyota Tundra!  We have to say we don’t disagree with her choice.

Next time you are in Buckeye Toyota stop and say hello to Betzi and don’t forget to ask her about her book character!



Team Member Monday: Chad Balser

10734715016_ab5c783650_zWelcome to Team Member Monday!  Today we are highlighting Chad Balser, Buckeye Honda Sales Professional.

Chad has been with Buckeye for about a year and was in a sales position before coming to Buckeye.   Originally from Lancaster, Chad now calls Carroll Ohio  home with his wife, daughter and two sons.  When not at Buckeye you can find Chad spending time with the family enjoying the many things the Ohio outdoors have to offer; from zip-lining, to hiking and cycling.  All of Chad’s kids are avid athletes so many a day are spent at the gymnastics arenas and baseball diamonds.

Chad likes to listen to country and christian music and enjoys a great steak with all of the typical sides.  A perfect night might be enjoying the company of great friends and family over a perfectly cooked steak with some soft music playing in the background as the sun sets over the trees.  It really doesn’t get much better than that! 10734620365_45e10a3276_z

Chad has always been drawn to sales.  He really enjoys the feeling he gets when he is able to help people with their transportation needs.  “Everyone has a different story and I like to be able to listen to that story and help them figure out what the next chapter is going to be.  Getting a new or used car is a big decision and a big event, I just want to be able to help make it a great experience.”

The next time you are in Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio, take a moment and search out Chad and say Hello!  You won’t find a better person to share a moment of conversation with and if you are interested in a vehicle you won’t find a more professional sales person anywhere.  Chad can be reached at or 740-6534107!



Team Member Monday – Sadie Evans

sadie1Buckeye Honda and Buckeye Toyota are award winning dealerships doing business in Lancaster Ohio.  The number one contributing factor to their great reputation is one thing; Their People.  The number one thing that sets the Buckeye Organization apart from all of the other dealerships, are the employees.  Today we would like to introduce you to one of the best, Sadie Evans.

Sadie is The Lead Customer Service Representative for Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, OH.  Sadie’s  position requires that she be on her game all the time while being able to juggle multiple tasks at once.  From helping the sales staff with various duties, answering phones, helping service clients that are waiting for their vehicle to keeping up with reports, handling service reminders and doing so many other things too many to mention, our CSR team is the center of the hub that keeps the wheels moving forward.   Without their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile, Buckeye can’t be the dealership that it is and Sadie is one a big part of that.

When not at Buckeye you can find Sadie spending some time on herself from getting her nails done to spending some quiet time in a warm sun bed.   She doesn’t get a lot of time to watch television or movies but when she does she prefers Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and her favorite movie is Remember The Titans.  Her entire family loves football and Remember The Titans is one of her favorites.  Spending time with her family is one of her most important priorities.  Hanging out with Mom, Dad, her older Sister, younger Brothers and her Niece is what she loves to do the most.  She finds that doing some of these little things makes her happy and helps her to relax from the hectic world.

One thing that many people at Buckeye don’t know is Sadie recently graduated with a degree in Deaf Studies and Interpreting from Ohio University.  She has had sadie3the privileged to interpret for a number of events in the area including the Sold-Out Justin Beiber Concert in Nationwide Arena.  Having Sadie’s skill set has been very helpful for some of our deaf clients that visit the dealership for sales or service.  Sadie loves  to help bridge the communication barrier and make it easier for everyone.  If you or someone you know is deaf  and would like to set an appointment at the dealership when Sadie is available we invite you to contact her at 740-653-7678 or email at to set your appointment.   Sadie will be more than happy to aid you in any way that she can.

Sadie’s guilty pleasure is crispy money (money that is fresh off the presses – she hates to spend it!) and fried rice.  Makes us wonder if she was really craving her favorite fried rice would she be willing to use her last crispy dollar?  Next time you’re in ask her!

sadie3Sadie is a resident of Carroll Ohio but when asked where she would like to be on a day like today, it is really easy for her to answer – “Someplace tropical with the beach nearby where I can put my toes in the sand and watch the waves.”   We have to admit that does sound like a great place to be.

Next time you are in the dealership take a moment and say hello to Sadie Evans, One of the Stars of Buckeye Honda.

Buckeye FanClub Team Member: Jenny Greenwood

jenny3Buckeye FanClub presents Buckeye Toyota Parts Professional, Jenny Greenwood.

Jenny has been in the automotive business for over 1o years now.  She actually started at Buckeye Honda as part of the apprentice technician program that Fairfield Career Center offered for high school students.  Currently Jenny is putting her automotive knowledge to work as a parts professional at Buckeye Toyota.   As a parts professional you have to be able to not only fix vehicles but you have to have great communication skills so you can help other repair their vehicles and help them make decisions on things such as batteries and tires.

I didn’t know anything about cars and I didn’t know anyone else that knew anything about cars so I figured it would be a good thing to learn.  Also, there are not a lot of females in this side of the industry and I wanted to change that, show people that girls can do it too.jenny

Jenny is from the Fairfield County area and now resides in Pataskala with her husband, also a Toyota Technician and her 2 great children.  When Jenny isn’t at Buckeye she is playing with the kids, helping them with school work or taking a few minutes for some gaming.   Jenny explains that her favorite food is “anything I don’t have to cook!’  she went on to tell us that it was pot roast.  Check in on Fridays for Foodie Friday when we might have to surprise Jenny with our world renowned pot roast!

jenny2One of Jenny’s favorite tasks at Buckeye Toyota is handling the Apparel and Accessories area of the Parts Department.  She stocks the best Toyota, Toyota Racing and Toyota Racing Development apparel from t-shirts to hats.  This month she is offering a 10-20% discount on all in-stock apparel with mention of this blog post.  These are great for holiday gifts or maybe it is time to get yourself something.  Don’t forget to mention this post to save!

Next time you are at Buckeye Toyota stop by the parts department and say “hello” to Jenny, she would love to see you!

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