Accidents Happen Everyday

Accidents happen everyday.  You drop a glass, you bump into someone in the hall, you may even fall down and scrape your knee.  In the big picture of things these accidents are all very insignificant and don’t stick with us very long if at all. But sometime there is an accident that may change your life; one such type of accident is a Car Accident.

On Saturday we came to work like we always do, we unlocked cars and we got ready for whatever the day would bring.  We greeted clients in our award-winning service and sales department just like any other Saturday.  One such client that came into our sales department was not unlike many others, they were interested in looking at a brand new Honda Civic.  The young man was accompanied by his father and they had a number of questions and were interested in all that the Honda Civic had to offer.  Much like most of our clients safety is something that is important when making a buying decision, who wouldn’t at some level be interested in how the vehicle would be able to protect the driver and passenger in the event that there was an….. accident.

The salesperson made sure to go over all the safety features including but not limited to the ACE Body structure that helps absorb energy in a front on collision and disperses it around the vehicle. ACE does so much but more about that later.  The sales professional also made sure to talk about the front and side airbags along with the HondaLink Assist.  HondaLink Assist.  HondaLink Assist is standard on many Honda models including the Civic EX, EX-T, EX-L and Touring models. The HondaLink® Assist* feature which can enable you to request help in the event of a collision using a paired compatible cell phone. After a collision that results in an airbag deployment, the system will automatically attempt to connect with an operator and send the vehicle’s location. Once connected, you can also talk to the operator to give an account of your situation.

Our client and sales professional moved through exploration portion of their trip and decided that a test drive would be a good idea.  Dad was very interested in how the vehicle would handle and wanted to make sure his son was comfortable and would be safe in the Civic.  As the trio set off on their short trip around the block all was going well until there was an… accident. Travelling on a two lane road at 25 mph a vehicle in the oncoming lane drifted left of center traveling at 35 mph and struck our trio.  The impact was fast and solid and the Honda Civic performed beautifully.  There was no time to avoid the collision, our driver did all they could but the accident was inevitable.  Both front and driver-side side airbags deployed right on cue.  The ACE body structure worked as it was engineered to work and no one inside of the vehicle was seriously injured.  Our trio was wearing their seat belts and have some soreness and a few bumps but all were able to exit the vehicle under their power.  One of the most amazing things in how the ACE body structure kept the engine compartment intact.  The Civic accepted the energy and and crumpled in all the right places.  When you look at the engine compartment by itself there is hardly any notice of an accident.

We understand that this accident could have been at a much higher rate of speed but we are confident that The Honda Civic would perform at an extremely high level.  We are not only proud to sell and service Honda’s but we are also proud to own them and have our families ride int them.  Accidents happen everyday.



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