Creative ways of reusing discarded tires

thursdayWhat happens to your old vehicle tires when they are discarded? You would think that with all the tires that get worn out year after year, there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them all. Well, you might find it interesting all of the things that old tires are being turned into. It’s something the folks here in the Columbus area – and everywhere – can appreciate. Who knows, maybe your old Honda tires might even come back to you in another way after you put new tires on your vehicle in Lancaster.

One of the most intriguing ways that old tires are being re-purposed might be as sandals. As it turns out, after your tires are done getting your car from A to B, they may find a use getting you from A to B as a pedestrian. One of the most prevalent companies in the U.S. is called Detroit Treads, which turns 35,000 tires a year into flip flops.  Detroit treads also make rubber mats and the money made is going into making Detroit a better city! tires

But sandals are not the only thing that tires are being converted to these days. In Sweden, tires are being turned into parquet-type flooring. In India, outdoor furniture is appearing with what was previously tire rubber.

You may have noticed playgrounds that had soft material that looked suspiciously like tire rubber. Well, that’s likely exactly what it was. Companies like Hertz have been working with Liberty Tire Recycling to use discarded tires on playgrounds, parks and even roadways. Yes, tires once used on the roads could turn into the road itself.

Here at Buckeye Honda, we are happy to hear stories like this. It buys right into the Honda brand way of being – where the environment is of utmost importance. In addition to making efficient vehicles with breakthroughs like Honda Earth Dreams technology, the brand is very supportive of other “green” initiatives as well.

So the next time you are looking at some sandals or a playground take a closer look, you might be surprised.

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