DIY Flower Frog Lids! Great For Summertime!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioOK so if you have read any of our previous DIY articles you might have noticed a theme… I LOVE MASON JARS!  Wait you have not read any of the previous DIY projects? ….. Seriously?  Go and do it here…No Go, we will wait!…. tick tock tick tock….

Ok now here is another way to use a mason jar or any great jar with a screw ring lid.  If you have a great jar that you want to use but it has a solid lid try to use a lid ring from a mason jar, you never know it might work!

photoFor today’s project we are going to show you how to make what are called flower frog lids.  Ever try to use a vase to put a couple fresh-cut flowers in but they just fall to one side?  This is the fix that you need and it is not too complicated.  I want to thank Susan Ankrom for doing all the hard work on this project.  Susan is the wife of one of our sales professionals, Bob Ankrom.  If you have an idea for a project and would like to contribute please let us know.

Flower Frog for Mason/Ball Jar


Mason or Ball Jars
Bands and Lids for Jars
1/2 ” galvanized mesh cloth (find in Lawn/Garden department of Hardware store)
Tin Snips
Super glue (I used E6000)
Gloves (optional)

1.  Place the jar lid on top of the galvanized mesh cloth.  Trace around the outside.
2.  Using tin snips, cut out the galvanized mesh cloth.
3.  Fit the galvanized mesh cloth into the inside of the jar band.  You may have to snip more to adjust.  It should fit tightly.
4.  Sparingly super glue the inside rim of the band to secure the mesh cloth to the band.
5.  Let dry.  Depending on the glue and your environment, this could be 2 hours to 1 day.
6.  When dry, screw lid on to jar.  Fill with water.  Add flowers in between the mesh squares.
7.  Enjoy!




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