So Your Car is Frozen, What now?

servicesaturdayNo one likes to wake up to a frozen car.  Whether it is frozen locks, door handles, windshield or radiator, a frozen car is an unwelcomed surprise in the morning.  You need to be extra careful when you are defrosting a car, and your dealership can help you with a plan.  What should you do if your vehicle becomes frozen?

snowyFrozen Radiator

If you do not take the proper precautions with your radiator, you will wake up to an ice cube in the morning. A vehicle needs a 50-50 water-antifreeze mixture to prevent the problem.  What should you do if the water is frozen? If you can, push the vehicle into a garage so that the radiator can thaw.  Once the engine, radiator and hoses are thawed, use caution when starting the car.  First, put a 50-50 mix of water and antifreeze. You will need to inspect under the hood and the car for evidence of cracks and leaks.  The frozen water expands and can cause significant damage. If you do not have a garage, try using a hair dryer.

Frozen windshield

NEVER use hot water on your windshield, or your car at all for that matter.  If you pour hot water on your windshield, the glass will crack and leave you with an even bigger problem that you started with.  Turn on your car’s defroster much earlier than usual.  You can also scrape a small area near the defroster vent to encourage the windshieldprocess along. To prevent your windshield wipers from freezing to your windshield, consider wiping rubbing alcohol across the blade the night before.

 Frozen door locks

Again, no hot water.  If you have a lighter handy, heat the key before putting it in the lock.  When you insert the key, apply pressure to unfreeze the lock as the key slides in.  You can also try using a drinking straw.  Insert the straw into the frozen lock and block into the straw.  The goal is to use your warm breath to melt the ice.

 Frozen door

If your doors are frozen shut, try a few tricks. Push on the car door as hard to break the ice around the seal; chip the ice away from the seal and the door handle; use a hair dryer, but remember that electrical appliances and water can be dangerous; or use a commercial de-icing product to help you get in

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