Common Automotive Maintenance Mistakes

servicesaturdayLike most people, you strive to take great care of your vehicle.  Like most people, you probably do an admirable job! You remember to have your oil changed regularly, and bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance.

But did you know there are a number of common maintenance mistakes that you might be making? Many people who have good intentions make these automotive maintenance mistakes without even knowing that they’re doing it, and they can be harmful to a vehicle.

At Buckeye Honda in Central Ohio, we have put together a list of a few common automotive maintenance mistakes that you should try to avoid to keep your vehicle in great shape!

  • Neglecting your tires. Do you have your tires rotated regularly? Do you inspect them frequently for excessive wear and tear or punctures? These are important things to keep your tires in good shape, saving you money over time.
  • Using the wrong gasoline. Your vehicle probably doesn’t require premium gasoline. Consult your owner’s manual, but you are likely just fine buying the lower octane when you fuel up.
  • Letting your air filter be clogged. Air filters that are clogged with dirt and grime can be harmful to your engine, so be sure you change your air filter when it needs it.
  • Keep your gas cap twisted tight. Have you ever had the Check Engine light come on, only to realize your gas cap is simply loose? A loose gas cap can set off your diagnostic system, so be sure you’re tightening it until it clicks after you gas up!
  • Park in the shade. The sun’s rays can be harmful to your car’s coat of paint, so parking in the shade whenever possible is ideal. However, be sure you aren’t in the line of fire for tree sap and other such detritus. Consider a parking garage if one is available.

Keeping your vehicle in good condition can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be hard! If you keep these common errors in mind as you go about your car care, you’ll be in a great position to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking like new for years to come!

Need more tips from an expert automotive staff? Just visit Buckeye Honda,  in Lancaster, Ohio and talk things over with one of our qualified and professional service advisers.  They can keep you on the right track and are experienced in all makes and models, not just Honda.

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Save Time: Schedule Service Online!

servicesaturdayWhen you want the best Honda service in Central Ohio, there’s no other choice than Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio! Save time and schedule online, 24/7!

You’ll find that you get the best Honda service near Columbus when you choose Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, and we make it super-easy to schedule your next car maintenance online at your convenience, 24/7! Our service department has convenient hours 6 days a week to serve you; 7 AM to 7 PM Monday-Friday and Saturdays 7 AM to 4 PM! If you are seeking the best Honda service  for things like Honda repairs,  assistance and routine maintenance with no appointment necessary as well as genuine Honda parts and accessories, Buckeye Honda is here for you!

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Please contact us for any questions, concerns or further assistance. Thank you!

How to handle a flat tire with your Honda

servicesaturdayAll motorists at some point will probably be faced with the unexpected and highly annoying occurrence of a flat tire. This can happen for a number of different reasons, and it is always best to make sure that you are prepared for it.

There are many great reasons to buy a Honda car from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio, including the handy tire repair kit that’s included in most models. Take a quick look here at this instructional video so you can see how anybody can make a quick repair and be safely on your way in no time.

Of course when it comes to bigger maintenance jobs, we’re happy to take a look at any issues you have and our service center will send your Honda home feeling like brand new. Driving with this added level of confidence allows you to enjoy all the other qualities in your Honda, from the fun and efficient drive to the smooth handling and innovative tech features.

Now not all vehicles come with a repair kit so here are some tips on taking care of that flat.


Of course you can’t change a flat tire if you don’t have the proper tools on hand that are needed to get the job done. Be sure that you always carry these items in your trunk. Obviously you will need a spare tire, or at least a donut to hold you over. Then you will need something to secure the vehicle with, like some bricks or wedges of wood. The rest of the items include a jack to raise your vehicle up, a wrench, and a screwdriver.

Changing the Tire

Before you begin, be sure to secure your vehicle with either your bricks or your wedges of wood to block it from rolling. Then you need to raise your vehicle up with your jack. Once your vehicle is in place, remove the wheel cover with your screwdriver. Use your wrench to loosen all of the lug nuts, and then use your hands to actually remove them. Grasp the tire and pull it straight towards you to take it off. Then put your spare tire or donut on and replace the lug nuts. Lower the vehicle back down, tighten everything, and put the wheel cover back on.

Call a Tow Truck

You can always call Buckeye Honda and we can get a tow truck sent to you and have the vehicle brought directly here, where we can have one of our factory trained technicians look at the tire and repair or replace it for you on the spot.  Sometimes it’s just easier and safer to have your car brought in on its own personal chariot.


When your car won’t start what should you do?

servicesaturdaySo let us set the scene… You are already to get to where you need to go and you take a seat in your trusty ride when …. IT WON”T START! What? Not today!  Any day but today, not today!

So what do you do now? First if you are by yourself YELL… yes Yell… no this will not make your car start but it will make you feel a little better and then we can move on to figuring out what to do next.

The next step is to try and start the vehicle once more and listen to the vehicle.  Often times we can figure out what is going on by the noises we hear or don’t hear.

  • Silence: If you turn the key and hear nothing, you might be having an issue with your battery cables. They bring the charge from your battery to the starterstart2 to get things rolling, so if they’re corroded, broken, or loose, you’ve got a problem. You can try checking them to see if they’re in good shape, but you may need to replace them. That’s where our Buckeye Honda and Toyota techs come in!
  • Turning over but not starting: If you turn the key and hear the engine attempting to start but not quite getting there, you might have a problem with your spark plugs or your fuel system. Neither are things you can quickly fix, so you may want to call our Honda or Toyota service center in Lancaster and schedule an appointment to get things working efficiently again!
  • Clicking: If you turn the key and hear a clicking noise and then silence, your battery may be dead! Try turning on your headlights or using your power door locks – if you can’t do either, you definitely have a dead battery. You can get a jump and head to your destination, but make sure you head into our Honda or Toyota service departments to have it checked out. You may need to replace the battery, or something in the charging system may not be functioning properly.  Our Central Ohio Honda and Toyota Technicians can run a quick diagnostic on the battery and charging system quickly we won’t break the bank.

startNow if you have  an older vehicle the weather might be to reason for your vehicle not cooperating.  Cold weather and older faulty fuel injection systems don’t get along real well.  The Rain and old distributor caps usually don’t play well together either.  The good news is the Qualified Honda and Toyota Technicians at Buckeye in Lancaster Ohio are equipped to handle these issues and get you back on the road quickly.

One of the best ways to not get stranded is to have your vehicle maintained regularly, including a battery and charging system check when you are in the dealership.  Again this is quick and free with service and can really save you a lot of time, hassle and headaches.  So the next time you are in at Buckeye ask them to check your battery, you might just save yourself the need to Yell!

Buckeye Honda Service can be reached at 740-653-7678 and Buckeye Toyota Service can be reached at 740-654-3943

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Honda Brand Fluids: Are They Necessary?

servicesaturdayPut the Right Fluids in Your Honda for Maximum Reliability!

Honda Genuine Oils and Fluids is where pure performance begins.

Your Honda is built for performance and solid dependability. An integral part of keeping it that way is using new Honda Genuine Vital Fluids at factory recommended intervals.

Over time, fluids lose essential protective properties, and waiting too long between changes can lead to mechanical damage and costly repairs. Honda Genuine Motor Oil, Antifreeze/Coolant, Brake Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Power Steering Fluid are specially formulated to protect your Honda’s mechanical components from harmful deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Please check the maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual for recommended fluid change intervals.

Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid

Most people don’t stop to think about the fluid in their automatic transmission. The truth is that fluid in their automatic transmission has a direct impact on how well their transmission shifts, how smoothly it performs, and how long the transmission lasts. Transmission fluid also has a direct impact on your Honda’s fuel economy. Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid has been thoroughly laboratory-tested, and is specifically formulated to meet the needs of Honda vehicles. It uses the finest ingredients that deliver the ideal friction properties for efficient shifting, economical transfer of power, and a smooth ride with exceptional performance.

Honda Genuine Antifreezepoweredbyhonda

All-Weather Protection. All Honda Performance.

When you’re driving in extreme temperatures, the last thing you need is engine failure. Whether in extreme heat or cold, Honda Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant provides long-term corrosion protection to all metal and non-metal parts of your Honda’s cooling system and protects against boil over and freezing. Honda Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant is the only coolant designed specifically for Honda vehicles. Its pre-mixed formulation is so advanced, no coolant service is required for up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. Use Honda Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant for optimum long-term engine performance.

genuinehondaHonda Genuine Brake Fluid

Performs well under pressure.

You put your foot on the brake pedal and the vehicle slows. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? The fact is, your Honda’s braking system experiences significant stress, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Over time, the brake fluid it uses can become contaminated, or simply lose its effectiveness. That’s why Honda recommends replacing brake fluid every three years with Honda Genuine Brake Fluid. Specially formulated to work with Honda braking systems, Honda Genuine Brake Fluid contains moisture inhibitors that help maintain correct lubricity and fluidity in virtually any driving conditions. What’s more, its blend of top-quality ingredients is designed to maintain effectiveness for the full three-year period between recommended changes.

Honda Genuine Power Steering Fluid

Steering sounding wrong? Try the Right Steering Fluid.

Maybe it’s hard to believe that using the wrong power steering fluid is a mistake you can hear. But it’s true. An inferior power steering fluid can allow friction, and friction makes noise. With a higher viscosity than most other power steering fluids, an exclusive blend of friction modifiers and a special base oil (after all, quality starts with the basic ingredient), Honda Genuine Power Steering Fluid is formulated to counter friction effectively, and is 100% compatible with all Honda power steering system components. Help your Honda last longer and run quieter. Always insist on Honda Genuine Power Steering Fluid.

Buckeye Honda is here to take care of you and your vehicle with Genuine Honda Parts.  Call us today to set up an appointment at 740-653-7678 or reach us on our website at  Buckeye Honda celebrating 30 years as your Honda dealer of choice!


Service Saturday: Cabin Air Filters

servicesaturdayWhile the engine air filter in your car is important, in most cars manufactured during the past decade or so there is another, little-known air filter that screens a different type of air – the air you breathe.

Thought automakers refer to them by different names, they are most generally known as cabin air filters.  These filters work very similarly to the air filters that screen the heating / cooling system in your home, in that they screen the air that is circulated into your car’s passenger compartment for dust, soot, pollen and other contaminants.  Some high-end cabin air filters even contain a layer of activated charcoal that actually scrubs odors from the air, as well.  The result is air that is much leaner that what would otherwise be pulled into the car. (Want proof? Try searching for “dirty cabin air filter” photos on the Internet to see just a few examples of the types of things drivers have  been prevented from breathing thanks to their cabin air filters.)

Recommendations on when it should be replaced vary by manufacturer — some say every 12,000 or 15,000 miles, others longer — and how often can depend on how much you drive and where. Check the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. If you drive in heavy traffic in an urban area that has poor air quality, you could need to replace the filter annually or even more often. However, that also could be true in a desert climate where there is a lot of dust.filter2

Some signs that you need a new cabin air filter are reduced air flow through your HVAC system, such as when you crank up the fan too high and you get more noise than results. Another is persistent bad odors. Even if you don’t have these warnings, you should have the filter checked at least once a year and ask your Buckeye Honda and Buckeye Toyota service center to let you see the filter.  The filter might be in pretty good shape but you might be shocked to see what is covering your filter and coming into contact with all of the air coming into your vehicle.

Maintaining your cabin air filter is an important part of keeping the air inside of your vehicle clean.  This clean air will be better for you to breath, make your heating and cooling system work more efficiently and keep the inside of your vehicle cleaner.  Next time you are in one of the Buckeye Service Centers in Lancaster Ohio talk to them about your cabin air filter.

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Your Car Battery: Have it tested before it loses that spark!

servicesaturdayGetting stranded in a parking lot or your own driveway from a dead battery is frustrating and can cause a serious inconvenience for your day. While car batteries last for many years in most cases, there are some things you can do to prolong their life even longer and avoid being stuck with a dead battery! Here are some tips from Buckeye Honda and Buckeye Toyota of Lancaster for battery maintenance:

Get Battery Power Checked Out

You can have your battery checked at your Buckeye Service Center to see how much power is left. If it is very low, it may be recommended that you get a new battery to avoid waiting until it completely dies before you replace it.  A good time to check battery power is anytime you are in for any maintenance.  A quick test can be run and the results available to you before you leave.  This way you know the health and life of your battery before it is too late.  At the first signs of a weakening battery you need to speak with one of our trained service professionals, they know the exact battery for your Honda, Toyota or pre-owned Central Ohio vehicle.

A couple of things that can contribute to your battery failing:


If the battery is more than five years old and there’s any sign of it struggling to start the car, get it replaced. Some will struggle on for a bit but many won’t. It’s much better done at your convenience than as a roadside emergency.


If you mostly do short journeys or leave the car standing for days at a time, this can shorten the life of your battery.


Check that everything electrical is turned off when you park up – even an interior light, trunk light, or radio left on overnight can kill a battery when it’s truestartcold.

Keep up with Your Auto’s Maintenance Schedule

The best way to keep your car rolling down the road is to keep up with your regular maintenance schedule. Oil changes, filter changes, brakes and tires are all good things to keep up with when it comes to maintaining your car.  Then, if you notice your car is having trouble starting, bring it into the Buckeye Honda or Buckeye Toyota service center for a battery check up right away.