Team Member: Tiffany Brown

tbrownTiffany has been in the car business for about 2 months, making her one of the newest Sales Professionals at Buckeye Honda.  A long time Lancaster resident, Tiffany made a career change from being a nanny to wanting to help others share her enjoyment of new automobiles.  Tiffany says one of her favorite things about car sales is being able to meet new people and share in the exciting experience of shopping and purchasing a new vehicle.

When Tiffany isn’t at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, OH you can find her spending time with her husband Cory, hanging out with her 3 pooches or letting it rip singing some karaoke! She loves to grab the mic and belt out a number of favorites, if you seetbrown1 a karaoke night at the local night spot you just might catch Tiffany there!   When it comes to music you could find her listening to anything from R&B to Country and maybe something in between.

Tiffany claims to know all of the lines to her favorite movie Step Brothers and we can tell you from experience that she probably does, it’s kind of scary… no really.  It’s probably because she doesn’t really watch television and there was probably a shortage of karaoke nights when the movie came out on DVD so we are guessing she ordered her favorite pizza from Lancaster Original Cristy’s Pizza and just watched the movie over and over again…. OK maybe that’s a stretch but that’s our story and we are sticking to it!

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle or if you are in for service, stop by and meet Tiffany Brown.  Oh and if you need someone to preform a wedding, she can help you out!  Tiffany is an ordained minister and has officiated a number of weddings, if you ask nice maybe she will sing at the reception!

Buckeye Honda



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