Buying or Leasing? Which is better for you?

thursdayPurchasing a new vehicle is never a simple or easy decision. There are many factors that need to be weighed out and accounted for in the process. It’s usually a very personal decision, let’s face it our cars become a part of who we are. When it comes down to deciding between leasing or buying, our Honda dealer serving Central Ohio will be ready to help drivers decide which option is best for them.

At Buckeye Honda, we’re proud to offer drivers a diverse inventory of new and used Honda vehicles that are ready to give drivers the experience on the road that they’ve been looking for. After our customers discover the model– whether new or used– that’s the best for them, then we can talk about the best way to finalize everything.

warrenSo what are the differences between buying and leasing?  There are obviously staggering distinctions between the two options that’ll allow drivers to enjoy their new vehicle without the tedious restraints of high monthly payments.  Leasing allows you to pay for only the portion you plan to use.  Think of it like ordering a pizza, yeah a pizza.  Wouldn’t it be great to only pay for the part we were going to eat and then have the option to pay for the other half maybe when we decided to have leftovers the next day?  This is similar to a way a lease works, stop laughing, it’s true.  Why pay for all of the car when you only plan to use half of it and then you can give it back and get another fresh one?  Now sometimes we love it so much that we decide we want to drive it longer, that’s OK there is a plan for that. DSC_4746

Now for others owning is the only way to go or paying on the vehicle for an extended period of time is more comfortable to them.  Great!  The best news is we are able to help you no matter how you decide to go and are also trained to go over all of the reasons you may benefit from either decision.  Isn’t life great?  So should you lease or should you buy… the answer is Yes, yes you should.  Choosing between the purchasing or leasing of a vehicle, in the end, comes down to the shopper’s discretion and their own personal needs. At our Honda Finance Center, our staff will work to help drivers figure out which option is the best fit for you.

If you are interested in learning more about leasing or financing please stop by out showroom located on N. Memorial Dr in Lancaster Ohio or call 740-653-7678 or more details.  If you want to talk about pizza or leasing and how pizzas are similar to leasing ask for Jeremy he can help you out and when you are done it will all make sense, promise!

Buckeye Honda


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