Team Member: Zach Hahn

15585169105_0859488f89_zToday we are talking with one of our newest Team Members and Sales Professional, Zach Hahn.

Zach has been in the sales profession for the last year and just made the switch to automotive sales earlier this month.  Zach calls New Lexington home and has for most of his life and absolutely loves vehicles.  It does not matter if they are old muscle cars, trucks or motorcycles; if it has an engine and been taken care of Zach likes it.  If you have a classic or maybe something a little unique swing by and give Zach a chance to take a look, he would love the opportunity to talk to you about it.

In his free time Zach likes to be outside enjoying the great outdoors riding his motorcycle ( A Honda of course!), hiking a backwoods trail, playing golf or just lounging by the pool.   He loves to travel and hopes to get to Europe and Australia in the near future.  To date his favorite destination has been Colorado.  He had the opportunity to stay on the side of the world famous Pikes Peak and had one of the most fabulous views in the world. 15398558639_bd6e39f33d_z

One of Zach’s other hobbies is Grilling.  When Zach was younger his family had sit down dinners together almost every night and this was something that Zach remembers fondly.  At these dinners grilled food was something that was on the menu a lot.  He says that his father was very influential in his love of grilling and family dinners are still something he treasures as he gets older.   Grilled chicken is his go-to dish with his own secret marinade.  If you see him at the dealership and you ask really nice maybe he will share his secret with you.

When the weather forces Zach inside you can find him in front of his Netflix account catching up on movies or shows that he has missed.  When a new movie comes out and you need a review come get Zach he is a bit of a movie junkie!

One of the most unique things about Zach is his ability to solve the Rubik’s Cube fast and we mean FAST!  He recently found his old cube and decided to bring it into work and he uses it when his brain needs aIMG_0897[1] little jolt; a bit of brain boost if you will.   He gets a little nervous on camera but take a look at his Rubik’s Cube skill and let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you have every been able to solve one or if you ever got so mad at one that you had to “put it down”.



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