Test Drive: Honda Virtual Towing

testdrivetuesdayHonda is at it again and we are LOVING IT!

Virtual Towing and the future of Automotive Safety brought to the world by Honda!


Imagine if you will that you are having a medical problem while you were driving.  The steps would be to pull over to the side of the road, pull out your cell phone, contact Emergency Personnel and then wait……  In a perfect world this has a happy ending but we don’t live in a perfect world.  Now let’s look at the scenario again… The driver is not doing well, they are in a heavy traffic situation where the traffic is difficult to manage they attempt to pull over or decide to wait for an exit and before they are able to get over safely they are involved in an accident.  Another scenario might be that the road they are traveling doesn’t have a lot of traffic and is in a much more rural area, they can get to the side of the road but communicating with others has become difficult in their current state.


What if the driver was able to press an S.O.S button and then the car would automatically engage the hazard lights, slow the car and bring it to a stop.  But Wait… There’s More… Now what if the vehicle was able to send out a signal to other drivers in the area with similarly equipped vehicles and those drivers could help or at the least contact the Emergency Personnel?  OK pretty cool so far, right?  Now let’s take it one step farther and say that the good Samaritan would be able to drive in front of the driver having trouble and engage a virtual towing feature and without getting our of their vehicle they would be able to tow the vehicle of the person having trouble to the hospital or to safety.

For the whole towing procedure, the cars have to talk to each other about speed, following distance, turn signals, braking, etc. Honda showed this ability at the Intelligent Transport Systems show in Detroit recently.  Now the examples that we put out there are pretty elaborate but think of the opportunity for advanced collision avoidance if the vehicles could communicate with one another on this level.  There really are a number of applications that could make driving safer and Honda is on the forefront of making these things a reality.

We hope to see more of these advanced automotive technologies in the coming years and we promise to bring you up to date information as it becomes available.  Just think only a couple of years ago Honda Lane Watch, Back-up Cameras, and advanced navigation systems were just new thinking and today are available in many of the vehicle that Buckeye Honda sells as standard equipment.

Buckeye Honda


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