Thursday’s Thoughts : What To Bring To The Dealership

thursdayWhat to Take With You When Buying a Car

You’re off to the dealership to buy a new, or new-to-you, car.  You’re excited and already imagining yourself cruising down the road with the top down (okay maybe that’s my imagination, but you get the point).  Buying a car can be a joyous occasion, but it can instantly turn sour if you’ve forgotten one of those important items you were supposed to bring to the dealership with  you.  We don’t want you to have to be nervous about forgetting something;  therefore, we’ve created a list of the things you will need when you go to buy that car.

Valid Driver’s License

I never thought that I world ever forget to bring along my driver’s license until it happened to me.  Make sure it is in a secure place (preferably your wallet) along with some important documents that we will be discussing later on.

Proof of Insurancelic

Can’t drive your new car if you can’t prove that you’re insured to drive the car.   That would be a major bummer, especially if you drove a long distance to pick up your new ride.


It would surprise you the amount of people who forget this particular item   If you want to put money down, bring this little baby,  it will make the process a lot easier.

Trade-In Appraisal

Have you been online to see how much your vehicle is worth?  Bring it with you it’s good to have for negotiation on trade-in value, so you can put more toward your new car.

Title or Loan Documentation

Whether you’ve paid off  your trade-in or still owe a little more, the dealership you visit to buy your car is going to need this paperwork

Car Key and Dollars isolated on white.Your Trade-In

This one might not be so hard to remember since you will most likely be driving it to the dealership, but did you remember to bring all the keys and manuals that go with your trade-in?  Also, if you have a record of the regular maintenance you’ve had done to your trade-in, you will get more value for it!

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