Service Saturday: Brake Fluid Maintenance

servicesaturdayOne of the most important safety features of any vehicle are the brakes. Without brakes, you wouldn’t be able to stop! To ensure your brakes are working when you need them, it is important to properly maintain the entire brake system – including the brake fluid. Did you even know your car had brake fluid and that it needs to be changed sometimes? Many drivers are unaware of this particular maintenance task. Here are some tips from a Columbus Ohio Area Honda and Toyota dealership regarding brake fluid maintenance:

Avoid Contamination of Brake Fluidtoybrakefluid

If your brake fluid becomes contaminated, it can affect your brake’s ability to stop your car. If you’ve never had your brake fluid checked and you’re driving a car older than two years old, you should have it checked at a Honda service center because there is a good chance it has become contaminated.

Driving causes heat from the friction of using your brakes. When the heat warms the brake fluid, it creates moisture that evaporates and reduces the amount of brake fluid available in the system. Contaminated brake fluid won’t do its job effectively and in cold weather, is more at risk for freezing.

honbrakeRegular Maintenance Schedule

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule and bringing your vehicle in for service consistently is the best way to maintain a safe vehicle. Not only will the service technicians check your brake system and brake fluid, but they’ll keep track of what other vehicle maintenance your car is due for and take care of that for you, as well.


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