Team Member Monday: Betzi Cable

10734383186_e45f3b9913_zWelcome to Monday’s Team Member Spotlight of Buckeye Toyota’s own Betzi Cable!

Betzi’s official title could be inventory manager or  customer service representative but in the end she does both of these jobs and much much more.  When something needs done outside the general focus of selling or servicing a vehicle Betzi can, has or is prepared to do it.  Over the past year and a half she has mastered a network of contacts at other dealerships that take most people 5 yeas to cement.  This allows her to efficiently get you the vehicle that you want, when you want it.  Betzi is also versed in the many things it takes to help keep the dealership running from the bookkeeping to data entry, customer service to knowing who to call to order supplies… you could say that Betzi is the resident expert in a lot of stuff!

Betzi calls Lancaster Ohio home and has for her entire life.  She has 2 sons that are currently attending Lancaster High School and keep her pretty busy when she isn’t at Buckeye.  One day she hopes all of her hard work pays off and she is able to take her fantasy trip to the beautiful Ireland.  She would love to visit the north reaching Donegal all the way to the southern area of West Cork.  Watch out Ireland, Betzi is coming, you have been warned! 10734594813_23031b4e91_z

When not at Buckeye, Betzi likes to curl up with a great book from her favorite authors; Nora Roberts and Dakota Cassidy.  Interesting fact: One of Dakota Cassidy’s characters is based on Betzi.  She won a contest and was chosen to have her likeness included in one of the author’s books.  Next time you see Betzi ask her the title of the book and how she was able to win this awesome contest.

Betzi admits that her favorite comfort food is potato soup, “it’s the perfect combination of taste, texture, warm and goodness in one bowl.”  Although she likes to listen to all kinds of music lately she enjoys Miranda Lambert “Mama’s Broken Heart”, for those familiar with the song this might give you a little insight into Betzi, for those that are not you might want to check it out.

When asked to pick her favorite Toyota, she wasted no time and quickly named the Blue Ribbon Metallic Toyota Tundra!  We have to say we don’t disagree with her choice.

Next time you are in Buckeye Toyota stop and say hello to Betzi and don’t forget to ask her about her book character!




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