Tuesday at Toyota: Toyota Racing Development

scrabble-tuesdayPerformance is an idea Toyota does not take lightly. One way they embody this is through Toyota Racing Development. TRD is the in-house tuning shop for our worldwide racing teams. More important to you, it’s another way we get performance into the hands of our customers. Whether it’s special edition vehicles like the Rock Warrior Tundra, or developing high-performance parts and accessories that our owners can install in their own vehicles, everything is aimed to help you accelerate quicker, stop shorter or handle better–racetrack or not.

Here is a brief history lesson, it doesn’t cover all of the catalogs but we think you will get the picture.

It all started in 1996 when Toyota put out the first TRD catalog.  The catalog marked the introduction of TRD USA performance parts in the U.S. market place. trd2What made TRD unique – the products were available exclusively through Toyota dealers and backed by a factory style warranty for the first time. At this point, the catalog consisted of about a dozen categories of parts, mostly suspension related, that were available for popular Toyota car and truck applications.

In 1998 the second catalog introduced TRD’s first supercharger to the world. This was a major first: it was the first time a manufacturer offered an aftermarket supercharger kit that was emission legal and supported by a full factory style warranty. The supercharger was designed to fit the 3.4-liter V6 that powered the 4Runner and the popular Tacoma pickup. This milestone led to a whole family of TRD superchargers that continues today.

The 2000 catalog was by far the most comprehensive TRD catalog to date. It introduced numerous new products, including the first time TRD offered complete performance upgrade packages for specific Toyota models – including the Camry, Solara and Corolla. In addition, there were new aero packages for Supra, MR2 and Celica. In just four years, the TRD product offering had grown to 5 times the number of items originally offered in 1996

trdIn 2005, five superchargers were featured in this edition of the TRD catalog, including a supercharger for Toyota’s first V8. All of the superchargers were Roots-type design and were emission legal with full warranty coverage. This edition was also the first time TRD incorporated electronic engine control upgrades with the superchargers for improved power and emission compliance

Toyota keeps introducing more and more racing inspired performance parts for the everyday customer to enjoy.  It is part of the motivating factor  to enhance performance without compromising integrity. And the end results speak for themselves – like a 504-hp supercharged Tundra that smokes sports cars for lunch. It’s just one example of how TRD USA takes driving to the next level of performance and fun!

If you are interested in seeing what TRD has for your vehicle come in and see our service and parts professionals at Buckeye Toyota in Lancaster Ohio.


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