Thursday at Honda: 400,000 Mile Civic

thursdayatbuckeye Buckeye Honda has been doing business in Lancaster OH for almost 30 years.  We opened our doors when this part of town was nothing but farm fields and the old Ohio State Highway Patrol office.  Over the years we have seen a lot of things, including lots of Hondas with over 100,000 miles on them, many with over 200,000 and yes even some with over 300,000 miles.  Today we would like to share with you one with over 400,000 miles on it.  Meet Steve Dupler and his 1995 Honda Civic 2dr with over 401,000 miles!

We are going to let Steve tell you the story in his own words…

March 1995 I purchased my first new vehicle, a Honda Civic Ex at Buckeye Spires Automotive.  I have been very pleased with my Honda purchase of Nineteen years.  I have accumulated over Four Hundred Thousand Miles on this Honda and it is still operating well.

After nineteen years of being a very pleased and satisfied Honda Owner I have decided to purchase a New 2013 Honda Civic.  I have no desire or intention of owning any other manufactured auto.  I am a very satisfied Honda Owner and I am hoping to get another 19 year plus out of my New Honda.

A Truly Satisfied Honda Owner,

Steve Dupler

When asked about what the future was for his 19 year old Civic, Steve stated that it was going to a young man in the family that is just learning to drive.  “It will make him a great vehicle.”, stated Steve.  He went on to say “I am going to miss it but I am excited to get this new Civic and happy that it is going to someone that will really appreciate it.”

Steve has been a client of the Buckeye Honda family for over 19 years and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him and his new Honda Civic for the next 19 years.

Congratulations Steve!


5 thoughts on “Thursday at Honda: 400,000 Mile Civic

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  2. It was a great experience getting to meet Steve and help him with his new purchase. I’m Sure he will be enjoying his New Civic for many many years. What a great guy and a great story


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