Saturday Service: Hazy Headlights!

servicesaturdayHeadlights are one of the things that makes or breaks the looks of your vehicle.  Do your headlights give the vehicle an aggressive look or a wide-eyed “happy” look?

Now it goes without saying that they also provide one of the biggest safety features on the vehicle by illuminating the dark roads and acting as a beacon to oncoming traffic.  Cloudy headlights aren’t just a cosmetic issue. They reduce the amount of light that can be thrown on the road ahead, limiting your ability to see at night or when it’s raining. That makes them a safety issue, too.

Go back 30 years and this problem did not exist. That was because headlights were made from glass. Glass headlight2transmits light very well and is easy to clean but has two drawbacks in automotive applications: It’s not readily formed into the complex geometries demanded by car stylists, and it’s easily broken.

To get around these limitations, car manufacturers switched to a type of plastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has great impact resistance, transmits light almost as well as glass, and can be readily formed into complex shapes. But it is easily scratched and, like most plastics, deteriorates when exposed to ultraviolet light (the same UV rays that let us tan).

To overcome these weaknesses, polycarbonate headlights are given a UV-resistant coating. This lasts for a number of years, but grit and dirt thrown up from the road, plus frequent washing and that darn UV light gradually wear it away, exposing the polycarbonate to the elements. Once this has happened, the light takes on that cloudy appearance.

How do we fix this issue?

headlightWell you can replace your headlight assembly but who wants to fork over that kind of money to do that?  The other option is to use a headlight restoration product.  There are a number of products on the market and like most things there are the good ones and the bad ones.  Your best bet is to contact Buckeye Honda or Toyota and let us take care of it for you.  Our trained detail professionals can diagnose and apply the proper treatment to your headlights to help bring out the shine once again, not to mention help brighten up the



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