Tech Tuesday: Mobility in 2088

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaToday we bring you another video from the Honda Documentary Series: The Power of Dreams

This video discusses mobility and where Honda believes we are headed.  Honda dives into what transportation will be like in the year 2088.

What will transportation be like 80 years from now?  During these times, it’s difficult to say if there will even be people and civilization 80 years from now.  In a world that’s dominated by cars, by the burning of fossil fuels, and in a world where we only have 40 years of fossil fuels left, the engineers and leaders of Honda discuss how they are working to create a better future for transportation and what that future might ultimately look like.  Some of the things discussed are the internal combustion engine, alternative sources of fuel and energy, robotic cars, personal jet-packs, magnetic levitation, Google-maps directed personal space-ships and teleportation.

What do you think? What will be the prevalent mode of transportation in the year 2088?



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