Service Saturday: Taking Care of Your Leather Seats

servicesaturdayLeather is a common feature in many cars, but time, children and food can be the demise of your leather interior.  Buckeye Honda’s Detail Experts have devised a plan to help drivers preserve their car’s leather so it lasts years to come.

5 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Leather Interior

Simple solutions can keep your car’s leather looking healthy and vibrant, not cracked and dried out.

  • Prevent exposure to the sunbilldetail

Try to park your car where it is out of the sun.  Sun-blockers are also available for your windshield, and window tint will assist in keeping out the harmful rays.

  • Use a mat, a towel, or any other cover when installing car seats or buckling in kids

The pressure from a car seat, can cause the leather to crack.  Also, kids spill, write and track dirt on seats.  Try to minimize your seats’ exposure by covering the seats with a towel, an old shirt or a special mat.

  • Clean and condition

Clean up spills immediately.  You should use petroleum-free products and micro-fiber towels or pads.  Once the leather is clean, apply a conditioner to the seat.

  • Buff dry

Help your leather seats retain their appeal by buffing the seats often.  A terry cloth towel is ideal when you are buff drying your leather seats.

  • Allow heat to escape

During the summer, heat can get trapped in your car.  The heat will damage your leather seats if you don’t allow it to escape the inside of the car.  The scorching heat will cause the seats to fade.  A simple solution to prevent fading is cracking your car windows slightly.

dex3Bring It To The Experts

Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, Ohio offer a full service detail department.  The Detail Department is run by trained detail professionals that know how to make your vehicle shine inside and out.  From carpets to leather, glass to paint the professionals in the Buckeye Honda Detail Department can keep your vehicle looking great.

Buckeye Honda


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