Team Member Monday: Jeremy Shy

jshy2Today we are talking to Buckeye Honda Social Media and Digital Specialist, Jeremy Shy!

Jeremy has been with Buckeye Honda since 1999, yeah that is a long time.  Jeremy started his Buckeye Honda career as a salesperson, selling used and new vehicles.  After a few years Jeremy became an assistant Sales Manager and worked in the business office and eventually as the New Car Sales Manager… bored yet?  OK next he moved on to handling the Social Media and Digital processes for Buckeye Honda.  He is actually writing this blog RIGHT NOW!  Kind of freaky … I know.

Jeremy has been here so long that he has seen numerous changes in every model that Honda has to offer.  Jeremy was here when the original building went through the first renovation and even lived through the second, much larger, renovation that made Buckeye Honda the State Of The Art Dealership that it is today.

Today Jeremy has many responsibilities but his favorite is writing the blog for Buckeye Honda.  The Buckeye Honda blog  features technology, service and team member articles but his favorite has to be Foodie Friday.  This is where Jeremy gets to put his passion for cooking to good use.  Every Friday Jeremy figures out a recipe based on the wings2time of year or maybe based on requests from clients or other associates and cooks it up to share with everyone.  Some have been better than others but for the most part they have all worked out really well.  He then goes on to write a blog post about it to share with everyone over the Internet.  “In a utopian world I would have a restaurant of my own but I don’t and this gives me a way to share what I like to do with everyone here.” says Jeremy.

When Jeremy is not at Buckeye Honda you can find him spending time with his fantastic wife, Stacey  and wonderful daughters Alex, Shayla and Bailey.   “Really without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and that is a good thing.”  Jeremy is involved as a volunteer soccer coach and loves to be outside with his family taking hikes or experiencing new things together.smoker1

When he has the time, one of his favorite things to do is work on perfecting his BBQ recipes.  This ranges from the right ingredients for his rub to perfecting the technique and even making his own sauce.  “I have had some really bad rubs and some that are almost competition quality.  My family is the judge and they don’t pull any punches; if it is good then they tell me, if it is not good they have no problem telling me.  I plan to compete in at least one BBQ competition within the next 5 years and I need the feedback if I have any chance of not embarrassing myself. ”

If you find yourself in Lancaster on a Friday, stop by and see what Jeremy has cooking.  You might be surprised!

Buckeye Honda



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