Service Saturday: Maintenance Minder System

servicesaturdayWhat is a Honda maintenance minder?

Starting in 2007, all Honda models came equipped with a maintenance minder system.  This system calculates the life of the engine oil, transmission fluid, air and cabin filters, coolant, spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), and rear differential fluid.  Because the computer is calculating the lifespan of the different items, a scheduled maintenance list based on mileage is no longer used.

The computer determines the life of each item based on the driving conditions of the vehicle.  If the engine runs at higher temperatures and rpm, or at low temperatures during short trips, the oil life will deplete faster than an engine running under normal conditions.  It will indicate a percentage of oil life on the vehicle’s display.

This system is unique in that it has the ability to move up or delay other services so when it’s time to have an oil change, it will tell you the other services needed at the same time to keep the service visits to a minimum.

A percentage will show on the display starting at 100 %, diminishing as the vehicle is driven.  Once the percentage gets to 15, a wrench is illuminated on the dash letting the8656810314_111faa1980_z driver know that service is due soon.  At 5% the service is due now, and at 0% the service is overdue.  The system will count in negative numbers when service is past due.

The first code is either “A,” requiring an oil change, or “B,” requiring and oil and filter change.  The second code will be a number, indicating one of the following:

1.      Tire rotation
2.      Air filter and cabin filter replacement, and check the drive belt
3.      Transmission Fluid
4.      Spark plug replacement, timing belt replacement (if equipped), inspect water pump and valve clearance
5.      Engine coolant replacement
6.      Differential fluid replacement

Once the vehicle is service, your technician will reset the maintenance minder system, so it can begin the calculation process again.

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