Foodie Friday: Hard Cider Grilled Brats

foodiefridaylogo2Foodie Friday continues with tailgating ideas and embraces the great season of Fall!  Bring on the Brats and Hard Cider!

We love the Fall for so many reasons: Cooler nights, the amazing colors of nature, tailgating, and apple picking are just a few of the reasons.  Did we mention apple cider?  Yeah we love that stuff!

Today we took many of the things we love and put them together.  Hard Apple Cider Brats, perfect for the tailgate before the big game or just hanging in the backyard enjoying the great weather and beautiful colors.  We know that many of you have probably enjoyed beer brats, and those are good but apple and pork just go together.  We also made up an apple mustard.  Yes Apple Mustard, it was good – like really good.


What you need:

1 bottle of hard apple cider for every 6 or 7 brats that you plan to make. The key is to have enough to cover the brats so always error on the side of having too much.   We made pans of 20 brats and we only had to use 3 for each pan.  We bought a 12 pack of Woodchuck Hard Cider in their variety pack because we didn’t want to run out did we?   We like to use Woodchuck Cider because we like to drink it and why would you use something you don’t like to drink.  Now you can use regular apple cider and we guess you could even use apple juice but where is the fun in that?

1 Medium Sweet Onion – sliced.  For our pans of 20 we used a large one.  We could have used more or less depends on how much you like onions.  Hint you are going to love these!

Bratwurst – Uncooked.  We purchased ours from a local meat purveyor.  You can get them at the grocery or local butcher.

Buns – We did big sausage buns and we had regular hot dog buns.  It really is a matter of preference, I like less bread and more meat, you might like it the other way.

Foil Pan – Large enough to hold all of your brats and leave some room around them, this will be your hot tub of awesomeness!

What to do:

  1. Light grill and heat it to medium  to medium-high
  2. Put the brats in the bottom of your pan
  3. Place sliced onions on top of brats
  4. pour in enough hard cider to cover brats
  5. Put pan on the grill and try to keep the lid closed as much as possible.
  6. DON’T BOIL THE BRATS OR THEY WILL SPLIT.  You want to simmer the brats, once the cider starts to boil turn down the heat.
  7. Let the brats sit in the hot tub of awesomeness for about 20-25 minutes.  They will now be cooked through.
  8. You can now use the open part of your grill to put a little texture and markings on your brats.  You don’t have to do this but it does make them better in my opinion and since I am writing this then – do it!
  9. You can start serving and eating.  You can also put the brats back in the hot tub of awesomeness to keep them warm if needed.
  10. Serve with favorite topping including the onions that have been cooking in the cider and the apple mustard.

For the apple mustards

  • Apple Butter
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Whole Grain Mustard

What to do

  1. Make everyone leave the room
  2. Put equal parts of the ingredients in the bowl and stir – I went a little heavier on the apple butter, taste it to see what you think.
  3. Make a lot of noise so people think you are really working hard
  4. Come out with your fantastic mustard looking tired… your secret is safe with me!

If you try one of our recipes let us know how it turned out, we would love to hear from you!  If you are in Lancaster Ohio on Fridays stop by and have a sample of what we are cooking!  Enjoy Your Weekend!


Buckeye Honda



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