Technology Tuesday: Honda Environmental Leadership

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaHonda is always seeking innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio is also dedicated to reducing our environmental impact as well with our in-house recycling program and oil recycling / oil burning system that we use to heat the service department in the winter.  Honda is at the forefront of this movement and here are just a couple of examples.

From designing fuel-efficient vehicles to building our products in the most energy-efficient factories, Honda consider the environment in all aspects of products’ life cycle. In Honda’s new Environmental Short Film Series, they highlight some remarkable initiatives—dreamed up and developed by Honda associates—that are fulfilling their vision for reducing the company’s environmental impact and creating a sustainable future. Keep an eye out for upcoming films in the series, as we’ll be sharing them as they are releasing new videos throughout the year.

Paint by Numbers

The first film in the series, Paint by Numbers, tells the story of how Honda engineer Shubho Bhattacharya was inspired to develop technology to reduce the energy needed to operate the auto body-painting system at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Marysville, Ohio. Auto body painting accounts for the most energy use in Honda’s production process. With the help of his fellow associates, Bhattacharya conceived Honda’s Intelligent Paint Technology, which has cut Honda’s North American manufacturing CO2 emissions by about 10,000 metric tons per year. Learn more about this fascinating story.

Every Drop Counts

In Every Drop Counts, a retired plant engineer’s sketch intrigues a team of associates who seek to generate their own energy with a simple but ingenious device. Using spare parts and materials from the plant, the team builds a small-scale hydropower generation system at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Marysville, Ohio. The waterwheel-like gadget captures energy from water as it falls from a cooling tower, cutting the plant’s CO2 emissions by 77,000 pounds per year.

Buckeye Honda



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