Foodie Friday – Grilled Fresh Ravioli!

foodiefridaylogo2Yeah!!! It’s Friday and that means Foodie Friday time at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio!

If you checked out our Team Member Monday post featuring Kenny Green you know Kenny like Lasagna and he challenged me to make some lasagna on the grill.  I accepted the challenge but I haven’t perfected exactly how I am going to do it yet.  Since I have been cranky my brain with Italian fare I came up with an idea to grill ravioli.  Don’t fret the lasagna is going to happen and it will be spectacular when it does.

Bring On The Ravioli!  This can serve as a great meal or a wonderful appetizer. 

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So here is what you need!

Fresh Ravioli – You can buy this in the refrigerated section at your grocery store or you can make your own.  In a full kitchen we would make our own, at the dealership I bought it at the store.

Olive Oil

Dipping Sauce – I prefer to use a marinara and an alfredo.  You could also use a vodka sauce or a bechamel or just plain spaghetti sauce.  Choose what you like, because that is what is important.  When I worked at an Italian restaurant we served ravioli with both sauces, red on the bottom and cream sauce on top… and it was good!  A creamy marsala sauce would be good as well.  You can make your own sauce or buy it in the store.

Parmesan Cheese (grated) – optional

What to do:

Dump all of your ravioli in a bowl and drizzle olive oil onto the pasta.  Add some fresh cracked pepper and a little salt.   Take your hand and fold it over until the pasta is mostly covered.

Now heat your grill to medium low to medium.

Put your ravioli onto the clean grill grates and let them cook for 3-5 minutes.  They will bubble and blister a bit like grilling flat bread.

Turn them over and continue to grill them.  If your grill marks are too dark then turn your grill down and maybe leave the lid up the entire time.  Some of them will be darker than the rest and this is O.K..

Sprinkle with some grated parmesan.

Top with your favorite sauce or serve the sauce on the side for dipping.  If you layer a little marinara on top of the alfredo the taste is fantastic.

The ravioli will have a little smoky flavor to it and this goes well with the sauce.  Pair it with your favorite beverage and relax – you just made dinner!




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