Technology Tuesday: Airbag Innovation

Leadership in Airbag Innovation

Through innovative original research, Honda has created advanced airbags that offer high levels of occupant protection.

While some companies comply with government airbag requirements simply by reaching onto the shelf of existing technology, Honda led the industry through advances such as driver and front passenger airbags with “dual output inflators” that adjust the deployment force of the airbags to the severity of the crash, position of the driver and seat belt use.

Honda also introduced the first system to sense when a child or small-statured adult in the front passenger seat is in the path of deployment of the side airbag, and to stop the airbag’s deployment until the occupant returns to a desirable position.

How did we design airbags to minimize injury to “out-of-position” passengers?  

Honda’s very first front passenger air bag in the 1980s, utilized a unique design mounted to the top of the dashboard, which deployed upward rather than directly at the passenger. The Center for Auto Safety praised this front passenger airbag design as “a blueprint on how to design better airbag systems.” In 1991, Honda became the first company to commit to install driver and front passenger airbags as standard equipment on all models well before the federally mandated requirements.

Every Honda vehicle with front side airbags includes a standard Occupant Position Detection System for the passenger side to stop deployment of the airbag when a child or small-statured adult is in the path of deployment. This is not required by any regulation and is not even available on other automobiles

As of 2008, every row of a Honda or Acura vehicle had the protection of side curtain airbags to better protect the outboard occupant’s head and neck and cover the side windows in a sufficiently severe side impact.

Designed with “smart fold” technology, Honda’s side curtain airbags deploy along the window in an effort to avoid out-of-position passengers.



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