Technology Tuesday: Let’s Go To The Drive-In

2_cover-photo-darkHonda is trying to save the Drive-In Movie Theaters and you can help.

For those of you that have never had the opportunity to visit a drive-in movie theater you need to find one and you need to go!  For those of you that have been to one you understand how much a part of Americana these great places are.

The major studios are driving hard to stop distributing 35mm prints in North America by the end of 2013, but one sector remains tied to traditional film prints: the drive-in movie biz.  About 10% of the current Drive-Ins have converted to newer digital projectors that will allow them to continue to operate but many have not been able to afford the costly upgrade.

With hundreds of drive-in theaters expected to close at the end of the year once studios stop distributing 35mm film prints, Honda is backing a national effort to save the screens built around car culture.

“Project Drive-In,” sponsored by Honda, aims to save as many drive-ins as possible that haven’t been able to make the switch to digital projection, and will supply at least five drive-in theaters with the projectors.

From now through Sept. 9., the public is invited to visit the campaign site to decide which theaters will gain the support and Honda is encouraging badge_savepeople to share the project with family and friends via social media using the hashtag #SaveTheDriveIn

The winning theaters will be revealed in September, and each will host a movie celebration that will include a screening of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,” which hits theaters late next month.

Honda has also set up IndieGoGo campaign where people are encouraged to donate and the funds from which will go to drive-ins in need.

As part of the campaign, Honda is also encouraging people to watch at least one movie at their local drive-in.  Have you been to the Drive-In Lately?  We have one right here in Lancaster, OH and we believe they have already made the switch to a digital projector setup.  Check out what is playing this weekend at The SkyView Drive-In.



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