Service Saturday: Why the Right Equipment is Important for your Honda!

servicesaturdayHave you ever wondered what separates Authorized Honda Service locations from independent service shops?

It is a number of things including Genuine Honda Parts, Factory Trained Technicians, and specialized Honda equipment that you just won’t find in other repair facilities.

 How Our Unique Equipment Helps You 


Our specialized computers allow us to diagnose problems faster than any independent shop possibly can, you save time and labor costs when you choose Buckeye Honda in Lancaster, OH for service and maintenance. And, once we diagnose the problem, our made-for-Honda tools allow us to solve problems with more precision than the one-size-fits all tools used by independent shops — meaning that your Honda’s issues are fixed exactly as Honda intended. Lastly, no independent shop has access to the specialized tools and computers that you will  find at Buckeye Honda Service, allowing you to benefit from state-of-the-art service equipment that the manufacturer has designed with their product in mind.   Honda wants you to have a great experience and they want you to have a trouble-free and frustration-free  owner experience so they help design tools and equipment for us to use on your vehicle.

Your Maintenance Minder , Our Computers

Buckeye Honda

The service icons and reminders you occasionally see near your speedometer are part of Honda’s one-of-a-kind Maintenance Minder system.

Maintenance Minder not only lets you know when your Honda is due for service, but also monitors driving conditions and performance. Using our specialized computers, the Technicians at Buckeye Honda then directly connect with your Maintenance Minder in order to rapidly learn the maintenance that your Honda needs.

In addition to helping us quickly perform the more obvious aspects of maintenance, this deep knowledge of your Honda’s recent performance also helps us discover and fix less obvious problems your Honda may have, before they potentially become larger and more expensive problems.

Simply put, our computers’ connection with your Maintenance Minder takes the guesswork out of Honda service. That’s something no independent shop or garage can promise you.

8656816672_ea19931895_zA More Convenient, Less Expensive Trip to the “Doctor”

You may be thinking “I’d prefer to bring my Honda to where it can get the best care, but that’s very expensive and inconvenient for me.” Well then, we think you should know that Buckeye Honda Service offers you lower prices and greater convenience than independent shops and we will match any competitors coupon or special just call our Award-Winning Service department today to get the details at 740-653-7678  When combined with our unequaled equipment, there is not a faster and more effective low-cost option available for your Honda maintenance needs than Buckeye Honda.

Schedule your Honda Service needs now — click here to get started.


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