DIY Thursday: Let’s Play With Duct Tape!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioWell school is almost back in session and for some this is a relief and for some they are wondering where the carefree long days of summer have gone.  For some they are just trying to keep the kids occupied until they can get them on the bus and back to the books.  Well here is an idea sure to keep them busy for awhile and not break the bank.

Bring On The Duct Tape!

Now before we get started I want to say that there are a number of ways to make these and you areduct only limited by imagination or supplies that you have on hand.  I made this one with only one duct tape roll but if you had two or three that coordinated you could really do some cool stuff.  You could also add in some beads along the way to give it a little more pop.  I need to make one of these for my little Superhero fan maybe with Spider-Man duct tape and then some coordinating colors, using the Spider-Man tape as the final piece as well as part of the braid.   We would love to see what you come up with… make one or ten and send us a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… if you are in the area swing by and let us see it but most of all have some fun!

What you need:

Duct Tape:  You can use the plain metallic colored (boring) tape or get some of the really funky prints.  I had some mustache print left from our Father’s Day project so that’s what I used.

Scissors – You can just rip it if you have mad awesome skills… like me!

Beads or ??? to add to the braid. (optional)

Put it together:

  1. Cut a strip of duct tape about 8-10 inches long. Note that you may have to get a longer piece or a shorter piece, depending on your wrist size.
  2. Cut the duct tape into thirds lengthwise. You should now have three, long, stringy pieces of duct tape.
  3. Stick two of stringy pieces on a nearby surface so they don’t get tangled. Once they are safely away, take the third one and fold it in thirds so that most of the sticky side is inwards. You should now have a usable, almost non-sticky piece of duct tape.
  4. Repeat the above step with the other two pieces.
  5. Cut off a little piece of duct tape. It should be about a quarter of an inch long.
  6. Take all three of the strings and tape all three ends in a bunch (just like you would knot the strings before braiding).
  7. After you have that done that, begin braiding them together. To do this, repeatedly twist the left and right strings over the middle string as if you were braiding hair.
  8. Once you have finished braiding, use another little piece of duct tape to fasten the other end of the braided strings together. Think of it as tying the end of the braid off with an elastic band, only you’re using duct tape.
  9. Test the size on your wrist or ankle, then take another little piece of duct tape and tape all of the ends together so that it forms a continuous loop. Finished.
  10. Now this bracelet may not be for everyone as the level of awesome that you need is quite high to pull it off but I think you can do it and if you can’t I bet your kids can!

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