DIY Thursday: Coffee Candle Awesomeness!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioWelcome to Thursday and Do-It-Yourself Thursday at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio, where we are more than just a car dealership!

So who likes the smell of coffee?  How about hazelnut? ummm  french vanilla?  You know you like one of those and so do we!  So here is a Super Duper Awesome, not to mention easy way to warm up your place and make it smell fantastic!

What you need:

Some Ramekins/Bowls/Small Jars (with wide mouths)

Tea Lights 

Whole Bean Coffee – When choosing this pick out the flavor you like the best, it is available in a number of coffee smells but you can also find French Vanilla, Hazelnut and others.

What to do!

  • Wipe out the bowls
  • Pour the coffee beans into the bowls (leave a little room at the top)
  • Place the tea lights into the beans
  • Light the candles and enjoy!

After lighting the candles the oils in the beans will start to heat up and fill the air with their wonderful aroma!

If you make a set of these let us know, we would love to see a picture!




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