Team Member Monday: Rick Rockwell

rickLet us introduce to you: Rick Rockwell.   Rick has been an employee of the Buckeye Honda family for only a very short amount of time but he has been part of the team for a number of years.

Rick’s specialty is in light body repairs including paintless dent removal, bumper fixes and paint touch-up.  Before coming to work for Buckeye Honda full time Rick owned and operated his own shop mainly serving auto dealerships and high end custom jobs.  Recently Buckeye Honda made the decision to bring these services “in-house” and we figured who better to contact than Rick.

Rick has a long and extensive career and training in automotive body work.  He has worked for local shops and has attended a number of training courses where he honed his skills into the top-rated professional that he is.  The art of removing dents is more than being able to know where to apply pressure, there is force and counter force not to mention having to understand how metal can stretch and how it will look once pressure it put to it.  Rick is also a top-notch body repair man with skills in replacing, resurfacing rick4and painting.  Hs is a master at his trade and Buckeye Honda is fortunate to have him here.

When not at Buckeye Honda you will have to go deep in the woods to find Rick, an avid outdoorsman and nature advocate.  He is an expert in the art of numerous wildlife calls including turkey and owls.  He is also an pretty good marksman when it comes to hunting with either a gun or bow.  Needless to say if you were going to have to be stuck in the woods Rick is one of the people you should stick on the list you want to be stuck with, he has the outdoor survivalist skills that could really come in handy.

rick3The best thing about having Rick at Buckeye Honda is the convenience and piece of mind that you can just bring your vehicle to Buckeye Honda to have it taken care of!  Now Buckeye has a full scale body shop located at our Buckeye Nissan location in Hilliard Ohio and if the repair needs their professional equipment we can set you up and make the process ultra easy for you.  If you just have that pesky little door dent or maybe you have some small paint work, bring it to us and let Rick take a look at it.  It’s your Ride, let us keep it looking top-notch!




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