Service Saturday: Waxing Your Vehicle

servicesaturdayIt is Saturday at Buckeye Honda well and time to get out and wash and wax your ride.  Last week we talked about cleaning your vehicle and today we are going to go over waxing your car.

Once you have your vehicle washed and it is completely dry you can move on to the polishing phase.  Most modern vehicles don’t really need polished so we are going to skip right to the waxing phase.

Waxing is done to help protect the finish and the pain of your vehicle from harmful things in the air as well as acid rain and bird droppings.

For protection, you need to apply a car wax, and experts recommend that this be done at least every three months. However, there are varieties of wax that can be used much more frequently. If you’re really obsessive, some can be used as often as every few days.

The newest synthetic polymer-based waxes (such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax, Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax and Turtle Wax ICE Premium Care Liquid Wax) generally provide longer-lasting protection and are easier to use in the sun than older-style carnauba-based waxes (such as Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Wax and Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax).

Normally, the newer liquid or paste waxes provide the longest-lasting protection — usually three or four months if the car is kept in a garage and dex3not exposed to a harsh environment.

When applying a liquid or paste wax, use small, circular, overlapping strokes, using a microfiber-covered or foam applicator pad and working one section of the vehicle at a time. To remove the wax use a  microfiber towel that you’ve folded into fourths, using one side to break the waxy surface, then flipping the towel over to a clean side to remove any additional residue.

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wax-car There are a number of different kinds of wax products available and many are available at your local retailer.  Here is a list of different kinds of wax:

  • Liquid waxes: Generally speaking, liquid waxes are very easy to use but don’t last as long as soft or hard waxes. Liquid wax is excellent to replace the wax you lose if you wash your car with a wax-free detergent or soap, or for a touch-up between professional waxings.
  • Soft waxes: Soft waxes are light and fluffy and are very easy to apply and remove. Some are mixed with a light cleaner, but be sure to wash the car thoroughly first anyway to remove particles that can scratch it. Apply soft wax with the applicator pads provided or with a soft terry cloth rag. Simply wipe on the wax, following the contours of the surface; allow it to dry to a haze; and wipe the haze away.

    Because the waxes that contain cleaners usually contain abrasives, don’t use them for every car wash or more often than once a month. In between, use a liquid car cleanser that contains a little wax.

  • Hard or paste waxes: These types of waxes provide the most protection and should be used for your semi-annual major wax job. Always do a small area at a time to avoid letting the wax harden to a point where it’s hard to remove. Apply the wax according to the directions on the can with an applicator or soft, lint-free rag.
  • Polymer preservatives: Products that contain polymer substances claim to protect a vehicle more effectively than wax and for longer waxperiods of time. They bond with the surface and prevent it from fading and oxidizing. At the auto supply store, you can buy poly-sealants that are easy to apply and are supposed to protect your vehicle for six months to a year.

Don’t have time to keep your vehicle protected from all of the elements?  Buckeye Honda offers a complete detail shop!  Our detail shop offers interior, exterior and complete detailing services.  If you want to keep your vehicle protected but you don’t have the time let our detail department take care of your vehicle.

Complete Car Detail Normally $150 Now $110 with code BHN110





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