Technology Tuesday: “Let’s See What Curiosity Can Do!”

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaToday on Buckeye Honda’s Technology Tuesday we decided to go a little different direction and not focus on a single Honda technology but to celebrate the ingenuity of the Honda Engineers by sharing with you a video that just came out showing what curiosity can do.

Curiosity is at the forefront of any new technology because if you can’t dream it then you can’t make it.  How do you think anything ever became what it is today.   When coming up with the wheel someone had to think “I wonder how I could make this easier? What if I make a rock with a hole in the middle and round on the sides so it could roll…. hmmm curious”  You can say this about a lot of things and some of them just don’t work where other things become overnight sensations.  Honda technology comes from curiosity and the desire to make something better.

The short two-minute video features Honda’s incredibly vast portfolio of past, current and future achievements. From the original Super Cub moped that introduced the masses to motorised mobility to the original NSX, the world’s first everyday supercar, ‘Hands’ clearly showcases just how diverse and innovative the company has been in its 65-year history.

A slew of future creations are also on show here, namely the next-gen NSX, the much-anticipated HondaJet and of course, the adorable ASIMO robot. Honda also managed to inject some humour into it – with the hands squeezing the FCX Clarity’s only emission, water, into a cup and drinking it.

Take a look and let us know what you think of the Honda Video in the comment section, on Twitter or Facebook!




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