Team Member Monday: Bryce Rehrer

bryceToday we are featuring Service Writer, Bryce Rehrer on Buckeye Honda’s Team Member Monday.

Bryce has been with Buckeye Honda for over 7 years, starting in the car wash department and detail shop.  Now Bryce is one of the highly trained and knowledgeable service writers in the award-winning Buckeye Honda service department.

As a service writer Bryce has many responsibilities but none of them are more important than taking care of you, our customer and your vehicle when it comes in for service.  Bryce is up to speed on all of the factory suggested maintenance programs as well as the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty program that is included with the purchase of all new and most pre-owned vehicles at Buckeye Honda.  bryce3

“Being able to communicate effectively with clients and give them real world information and advice is what I pride myself on being able to do.”, says Bryce.  He went on to say, “I want to be able to give my clients a roadmap of things that they may encounter through the life of their vehicle, this way there won’t be any untimely surprises.  I feel that by doing the recommended Honda maintenance schedule and being honest with the client then everything goes smooth and keeps everyone happy.”  When asked what he finds exciting in the service department he couldn’t say enough about “our new tool.”  Bryce went on to explain that “we are testing out some new equipment that will save clients money and it is really easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.”  So… what is this new tool?  “It is a laser guided alignment checking machine that does not require the vehicle to be moved from the service drive. Within a minute or so we can  tell if the car is out of alignment and give the client a print-out sheet so they know where it falls as compared to the manufacturers specifications.”  OK so why is this important and how does it save them money?  “If the alignment is out then the client can opt to have the vehicle aligned and this will help with high fuel economy and longer tire life, not to mention safer braking and handling.  You see a vehicle that is misaligned can make short work of a set of tires and most tires are $100 or more so that alignment can save you money!”  So do I need one every time I come in for service?  “You might but the best part is we warranty our alignments for 12 months or 12,000 miles, so if you get an alignment done today and you need another one in 5000 miles its on us, no matter if you hit a hole or a curb or ???”

bryce4When not at Buckeye Honda, Bryce can be found behind “Python”  Python is his super computer that he built himself  that he uses for online gaming and for trying to take over the world or at least control of his beloved Philadelphia Eagles  He has been into online gaming for quite a few years and has a mouse that put all other computer add-ons to shame, when you are in the service department ask to see it.

Bryce can also be found spending time with his lovely girlfriend watching movies, going to concerts or making the drive to Athens Ohio to get a Great Steak and Potato Pizza.  He swears it to be the best pizza ever made but refuses to buy enough for the entire dealership to prove his point.

If you would like to learn more about Bryce or any of our other Service Writers you can visit their profiles on our website here! 

If you would like more information about servicing your vehicle with Buckeye Honda please feel free to give our award winning team a call at 1-866-822-7485 and don’t forget to have that free alignment check done!





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