Service Saturday – Get Your Car Clean!

servicesaturdayService Saturday at Buckeye Honda and we are talking about cleaning your vehicle!  Stay tuned for even more info on cleaning your vehicle with videos to come!

The other day we were at the gas station. While pumping, we watched someone use the squeegee on the windshield, then run it down the hood of the car for a quickie car wash. We’re pretty sure that violates gas station etiquette, and it was pretty gross.

It reminded us that summer means many of us like to take advantage of the weather and be outside, washing our car, truck or SUV by hand.  We hope these tips will help you spend some quality time taking care of your vehicle.


•Before you get to the washing part, ensure that the vehicle is fully wet – and kept that way. You want to be able to float the dirt off the surface

•Use soap specially formulated for cars. In other words, not dishwashing soap, no matter how mild, as it can strip the wax protection and potentially cause waterspotting

•A sponge or wool mitt kept wet and sudsy will mean you won’t have to rub or scrub the surface

•Start the wash at the top, then move to the sides, finishing up at the bottom (all the grit accumulates there)dex3

•To dry the vehicle, use a water blade or soft towel

•Wax will help keep the surface protected

•Heard this one? Clean wiper blades with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol

Aluminum wheels and wheel covers

•Brake dust is a real nuisance in this department. You can use wheel and tire cleaner, although the brake dust and heavy dirt might require a little elbow grease with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water

•Never apply any cleaning chemical to hot or warm wheel rims or covers

washingSummer cleaning

•Don’t wash your vehicle if it’s hot to the touch or exposed to strong, direct sunlight

•If you’re dealing with bird droppings, bugs, suntan lotion or insect repellent, use car-wash soap and water as soon as you can

•Tree sap and tar can be cleaned off with a bug or tar remover (use a high-quality one). Wax afterward

If you wipe down your windshield with a tumble dryer sheet, bugs won’t stick to the glass as easily, and you can use cooking spray on the bumpers for the same purpose. To remove a sticker from the window, saturate it in cooking oil before you start scrubbing

Do you have a tip that we’ve missed? Post it as a comment!

Stay tuned for next week when we talk more about cleaning your vehicle with the pros from our detail department!



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