Foodie Friday: Grilled Pizza!

foodiefridaylogo2It is Foodie Friday at Buckeye Honda and today we are doing grilled pizza!  Yes you read that right, grilled pizza!

Recently Chef was having a conversation in the showroom with someone and they were discussing the finer arts of grilling.  Chef being the self proclaimed Grill-Master was imparting some grilling knowledge when the other person doubted his ability.  This lead to the challenge of grilling pizza straight on the grate – no pizza stone and no pans.  Chef of course said – Challenge Accepted!

As expected Chef was victorious in this challenge, did we have any doubts?  If you would like to challenge Chef just tweet the dealership @buckeyehonda, leave the challenge on our Facebook page or put it in the comments.  If the challenge is worthy Chef will accept the challenge and reward you with a gift card as well!

What you will need:challengeaccepted

Pizza Dough – You can make your own dough or you can use the kind that comes in the tube.  We went tube.

Pizza Sauce  – Again you can make your own or you can get the kind that comes in the jar!  We went jar.

Cheese – If you go shredded we suggest getting the finely shredded variety as it will melt faster or you can go with the whole block and just cut off thin slices for a more artisan look. We went shredded.

Toppings – The options are endless here… pepperoni, ham, peppers. onion, tomato, bacon… One quick word on toppings if you are using uncooked meat or thick veggies you will need to pre-cook them on the stove or better yet grill them if possible.  If you have some low

Aluminum Foil

Olive oil or Cooking Spray

What to do!

Warm up the grill. Get the grill nice and hot and give it a good coat of olive or canola oil. Then unroll the dough onto a large piece of heavy-duty foil that’s greased well with cooking spray or olive oil.

Put the dough on the rack. When you’re ready to grill, invert the dough onto the grill rack and peel off the foil.

Cook it. Cook until the bottom of dough is golden brown. Then give it a flip for another minute or two. You don’t want it to get too brown because that side will cook more after you add your sauce and cheese. This does not take very long, do not walk away from it.

Take it off the grill. Remove the pizza from the grill with a large spatula or pizza peel and add some sauce, cheese and toppings.

Put It Back On The Grill!It goes back onto the BBQ. Turn down BBQ and cover for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. Try to put the pizza on the side of the grill that isn’t too hot. You may need to move it around a little if you notice it burning.

EAT IT!  Ours came out a little darker on the bottom than what some would have liked but the flavor was there.  We did three of them and by the last one we had it down.  Make sure not to put too much cheese on the pizza this will keep it from cooking properly on the top.  Also try to keep the lid shut as this will help cook the top of the pizza once you have put it back on.


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