Glow In The Dark Party Cups! – CHEAP!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioSo… It is time once again for DIY Thursday from your favorite car dealership, Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio.

With summertime comes outdoor parties and I like things that glow in the dark or light up the night as many of us do!  (You can see other similar projects under the DIY Thursday tab up top!)  So today I am going to show you a great and inexpensive way to be creative during your next outdoor party.  This idea works great with all ages and has a different kind of appeal for adults, kids and teens alike…. and did I mention that they are cheap!

Here is what you need:

2 Plastic Cups per person – I suggest one red or blue and one clear.  These need to be the same type and kind of cup with the only difference being the color.  You can go with just clear like I have done (because they didn’t have any colored and clear ones that were the same size!) The key is again same size and brand so they will stack together!  If you can buy the larger cups 18oz (?) they are easier to use but if not get the 16oz like I had to. Cost – About $1.50 for 24 cups if you go with the bigger cups (Yes Do It) they cost about $3 but you get more cups.

1 Glow in the dark Bracelets or Earrings per person.  The smaller earring kind work better in the 16oz cups where the necklace ones work well in the 18oz cup. Cost – less than a $1.

Beverages – Clearer the better and bubbles are good… 7-up, Sprite, Mt. Dew or your other favorite beverage…

Glue (Optional):  You don’t need to super glue the cups together but if you feel better about doing it so the cups won’t come apart then put a dab of glue between the cups… very little is all you need.

What To Do:

  1. Open the glow stick and crack to activate the magic!
  2. Twist it around your finger and then place it in the bottom of the colored or first clear cup.
  3. Put the clear or second cup into the first cup
  4. Fill with beverage
  5. Drink The Beverage and repeat step #4

If you are using the glue then do that at step 2.5

You can make this up ahead of time and then stack them up together and put them in a large freezer if available.  Take them out when your guests arrive for a great time.  As the night gets darker the glasses will really start to shine!  Enjoy!

One word of advice… the brighter colored glow sticks work better!





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