Summer Night Lights – Glow In The Dark Lanterns

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioSummer means different things to different people.

For some summer means catching fireflies at night, camping, grilling out, and entertaining until late in the evening.  Today’s Do-It-Yourself project is all about adding a little lighted decoration to your night.  For those of you that camp with little ones that still use a nightlight these are fantastic for putting in the corner of the tent or just outside of it to give the kiddo the little sense of security.  They are also an awesome way to light a pathway for those guests that might not be familiar with your path to the backyard.

What you need:  glow3

Jars – Mason Jars work out well but you could also use a bottle (glass or plastic, it really doesn’t matter)

Glow Sticks – They sell these at most general merchandise and discount stores, we picked up 10 for about $3


Newspaper – To line your work area

Bucket- This is a good alternative to the newspaper so when you cut the tubes the tip and the glass will be gathered in one place. (A stainless sink works as well)

Rubber Gloves – This is optional but might save you some hassle


Spread out the newspaper

Make sure your jars/bottles are clean

Take a glow stick and hold it over the newspaper or sink and cut off the end.  There is glass in the tube and it will likely splinter a bit and end up on the paper or sink, make sure you have it contained so it does not stain something and be careful picking it up.

Pour the mixture into the jar.

Put the lid on the jar/bottle if you have one and swirl or shake the liquid

Once you have swirled the liquid around the jar/bottle you are done.



Side Note: You can fill your jars mostly full of water and then pour the solution into the water (use 2X the solution or more)  and it will glow as well but it does not last as long and is not as bright but it is really interesting… wonder how it would look in some goop around Halloween???  hmmmm!

Safety Tips: 

The glow in the liquid is non-toxic but don’t drink it!  It will stain fabric and this includes carpet so be warned and take your time.  This is a project more geared for adults and not for children, although the kids will love them when they are done!




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