Technology Tuesday: HondaLink

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaBuckeye Honda’s Technology Tuesday starts… NOW with the All-New HondaLink!

Honda introduced new technology when they came out with the 2012 Honda Accord including the all new HondaLink.  Honda will be including HondaLink as part of enhancements that are being made to the 2014 Honda Odyssey that is scheduled to be released in late July 2013.

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HondaLink connects to the driver’s smartphone and uses the smartphone as a gateway to the internet, allowing the vehicle to system to stream internet services into the vehicle.   Honda’s goal with HondaLink is to enable drivers to access services such as Slacker hondalinkInternet radio and Yelp restaurant reviews without the need to touch their cell phones.  The service comes as the federal government increases pressure on automakers to minimize distractions for drivers.

HondaLink can access popular social-media sites such as Facebook. The system will read updates, but won’t allow the driver to post information to the Web page.

The driver can also use voice commands to seek information, such as restaurant locations and reviews, and then have the address automatically sent to the car’s navigation system.

hondalink2HondaLink is designed to connect to Apple iPhones via Bluetooth or a USB cable, and to Android phones via Bluetooth.

For a personalized one-on-one demonstration of how the HondaLink system works stop by and have one our HondaLink trained professionals go through the system with you.  For more information on the HondaLink you can watch this video.


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