Service Saturday: Alignment Series

Service Saturday with Buckeye Honda of Lancaster OhioToday on Service Saturday we are going to start our series on Alignments.  A properly aligned vehicle is key to great gas mileage and getting your tires to last a long time.

Buckeye Honda offers a free alignment check anytime you come into the dealership, yes FREE!  Not only are all alignment checks free, if we do an alignment for you we guarantee it for 12 months.  If your car needs an alignment within 12 months of us doing one we will do it again at no charge to you!!

Today we are going to talk about how to know when your vehicle needs to be realigned.

If you’re wondering whether your car needs an alignment, first look at your tires. Uneven tire wear — often, more wear on the outside of some

Buckeye Honda Alignment Center

Buckeye Honda Alignment Center

tires — is a prime indicator that your car is likely out of alignment. Here are a few more indicators:

  • your steering wheel vibrates
  • your car seems to be drifting to one side, even when you think you’re driving straight
  • you are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn’t centered

If none of these indicators occurs but it’s been awhile since your last alignment contact our award-winning service department and ask them about having your vehicle alignment checked for free!

An out-of-alignment car is a common result of everyday driving. But the term alignment doesn’t really refer to your car’s wheels but rather to the suspension. As part of normal driving, parts of your car’s suspension may become worn, and springs can be stretched out. Even a small accident,  bumping a curb or hitting a pot-hole in the road can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the highly calibrated components off-kilter, making your wheels sit at improper angles. An alignment restores these angles to their correct measurements, making sure that your wheels sit straight.

suspensionThe most visible benefit of an alignment is less tire wear. And when tires do wear down, they’ll do so evenly on a properly aligned suspension. Tires can be quite expensive — easily $100 or more per tire — whereas an alignment at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio costs $79.95 and that includes the 12 months 12,000 mile warranty.  That alignment is for a Four-Wheel alignment, we don’t believe in doing just half the job.  Many shops only suggest doing the front but if the rear suspension is out of alignment it will have a negative impact on your vehicle as well… so why leave it to chance?

An alignment will ensure that your car drives straight and handles properly, making your ride safer. You’ll also get better gas mileage because your tires will be properly aligned with the road, decreasing resistance.  You don’t want the tires to fight with the vehicle and the road in order to roll properly, this causes the engine to work harder and costs you more fuel and more money.


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