Technology Tuesday: FM Traffic Updates

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye HondaToday on Tech Tuesday we are featuring FM Traffic that is included with many of the Honda models that are equipped with navigation systems.

Are you one of those people that has to get up an extra hour early so you can listen or watch the local traffic reports so you can plan your route to work?  Are you often times delayed in getting home from work because by the time you figured out your normal route was blocked due to traffic accident you were already part of the line of cars?  Or maybe you like to take weekend road trips but you prefer driving and not parking on the highway!  Well if any of these fit you then you owe it to yourself to take a look at what Honda is offering in their Navigation systems… for free!

Honda engineers would argue that information is your best weapon against getting caught in gridlock, and the Honda FM Traffic feature helps youfmtraffic available at Buckeye Honda steer clear of slowdowns by keeping you informed of traffic speeds and traffic incidents in your path. Best of all, the traffic information is delivered through FM radio frequencies, so the service is 100-percent free, with zero subscription fees.

Even if you know your route you can monitor and be alerted to traffic conditions that might slow you down, waste your time and fuel.  Moreover knowing traffic conditions ahead of time may either allow you to avoid the congestion or at least prepare for it (e.g., call ahead saying that you will be running late).

fmtraffic available at Buckeye HondaFM traffic is better than just listening to the radio because it updates constantly.  Pulls in data from traffic sensors, government sensors, partnerships with commercial based fleets that transmit GPS data, as well as crowd sourcing data.  It takes under 10 minutes to broadcast an entire snapshot of traffic for a given city, the larger the city the longer it takes.

So with the FM Traffic feature included with many of the Honda models with navigation you can see the upcoming traffic or construction slowdowns and then choose to re-route your trip so you can still make it to work/home on time or do what we all enjoy on those road trips – driving  and not parking!

Come in to Buckeye Honda and check out the other innovative features that Honda has included to make fmtraffic available at Buckeye Hondayour driving experience easier and safer.  When you are here, ask for a demonstration of the FM traffic system available on most navigation equipped Honda models.

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