Team Member: Phil Walser

Phil Walser at Buckeye HondaToday we talk with Honda Trained Service Technician, Phil Walser.

Phil has been with Buckeye Honda since 2009 when he started as an intern.  Phil began as an intern with Buckeye Honda as he was completing his degree at Hocking College where he majored in Automotive Hybrids.  Phil training includes troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and testing multiple types of advanced and hybrid automobiles and trucks. Trained in conventional and cutting-edge vehicular applications, Phil can handle all automotive areas with an emphasis on hybrid car technology and advanced automotive applications.

Since Honda has become a leader in advanced energy sources that will power the cars of Phil Walser at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohiotomorrow, Phil is a vital part of our Award Winning Service Department.

Phil calls Somerset Ohio home and when not at Buckeye you can find him there with his wife Jessica and 1-year-old son Braiden.  Jessica is a personal trainer and Braiden is “Awesome”.   Phil likes playing the guitar at church while Jessica sings.  “I really like to play the guitar and have played for about 12 years.” “I enjoy playing a lot of different styles of music and being able to play at church with my wife singing is wonderful.”

Phil enjoys riding dirt bikes when he gets a chance and if given the choice he would choose pizza with everything to eat.  “Jessica tries her hardest to keep me eating right but I do like eating Phil Walser at Buckeye Hondapizza.”   When it comes to movies Phil likes the comedies and superhero movies, when asked who his favorite Superhero was he was not quite sure…. “I’ll get back with you on that one.”

While we wait for Phil to decide on his favorite Superhero don’t forget to check back with us everyday this week when we will have Do-It-Yourself projects (Thursday), technology updates on Tuesday, Foodie posts (Friday), And what’s happening in the area with Weekend Wednesday!  See you then!




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