Service Saturday: Tire Time

Service Saturday with Buckeye Honda of Lancaster OhioToday on Saturday Service we are continuing our topic of tires and what you need to know when it is time to buy new ones.

Replacing tires can seem to many as a confusing and expensive ordeal that is a painful yet necessary process.  Buckeye Honda is here to make it as easy as possible and do what we can to keep the price affordable.   Our knowledgeable service and parts personnel know what is best for your Honda and we can help you make the best decision based on your budget and driving needs.

You need to know what size tire your vehicle needs.  You have that memorized, right?   If you do then maybe you need to relax just a little.  On the outside of your tire there are a series of letters and numbers that will tell us everything we need to know about replacing your tires.  The series will look something like this…

P185/60 R14 82H – WHAT???

P – Passenger Car TireBuckeye Honda Tire Center in Lancaster Ohio
185 – The tire width in millimeters.
60 – Sidewall height expressed as a % of it’s width.
R – Radial (construction type)
14 – Rim Diameter in inches
82H – Load Index and Performance Rating: An H rating means this tire is rated to 130mph

Again do not stress about this Eric Waddell, Parts Manager at Buckeye Honda, has all of these memorized!

Now that we know the proper tire size we need to figure out what is the best kind of tire for you and your vehicle. 

This step is the one many people typically overlook.  Many people just look at the price and if it will fit my car.  This will get you tires but will they be the best for you and your car, maybe.

You need to ask yourself two questions when making this decision…

#1 How Do I typically drive my vehicle?

drivingLong drives on the freeway? Back-Country dirt roads? Heavy stop and go traffic? High-Speed freeway driving or maybe your normal driving takes you on twisty roads that you like to attack.  Each one of these would come with a different type of tire recommendation.  For instance  the twisty road at high-speed would make a higher performance tire the logical choice.  If your typical drive is a mile and a half at residential speed then almost any tire would do.  If you take frequent long trips or commute on the freeway daily then a touring tire that has less road noise would make the most sense.

#2 What are the worst driving conditions I will drive in? 

Do you drive in snow all winter long?  If you live in Ohio probably not.  Do we get snow? Yes, but not all winter long.  So you might want to look at a nice all-season tire that will handle a mild amount of snow as well as rain.  If you like to go fast in the corners and high performance is your thing then looking to a high performance tire will suite you well but you may want to consider getting a set of alternate tires for the winter.  It is all fun and games until you cannot go in the snow.

Next thing to consider is price versus value.pricevalue

Price is the amount of money that you have to pay for the tire but  value is the is what the they are actually “worth” to you.  Consider this scenario… You have come in to Buckeye Honda Tire Center in Lancaster Ohio and after speaking with one our qualified representatives the choice on tires comes down to the perfect tire at $100 a tire or the “not-quite” perfect tire at $90 a tire.  $10 X 4 equals $40 that you could save, easy choice, right?  Hold on a second… is one of the tires rated to last longer?  If the $100 perfect set of tires tire gets 40,000 miles (1.0 cent per mile)   and the “not-quite” perfect get 30,000 miles (1.2 cents per mile).  Does it not make sense to get the “perfect tires”.  Even if both sets of tires were to get the same mileage the perfect set would cost you 1.3 cents per mile as compared to the “not-quite” perfect at 1.2 cents per mile.  These are pretty close comparisons but we often see where people make a decision based strictly on the price and end up regretting it when they have to replace those tires much sooner than they had planned.  The tire experts at Buckeye Honda can help you with all of this and make sure we do the other things to make those tires last a long time, including free alignment checks!

The next time you are in the market for tires or even if you think you might need to start considering tires stop by the Buckeye Honda Tire Center and talk to one of our Parts Professionals about what tires would be best for you and your car.  We have access to virtually every brand, model and size of tire and stock the most popular ones everyday.  Tires are one of the most important parts on your car and can be the difference in safety, fuel economy and quality of ride, don’t trust that to anyone other than Buckeye Honda.

Service Saturday with Buckeye Honda of Lancaster Ohio

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